B767-400 LOD Nav Display

  1. How do you manually disengage the autopilots?
    • -autopilot disengage bar
    • -control wheel autopilot disengage switch
  2. What does the EICAS warning AUTOPILOT DISC mean?
    How can you silence the aural warning?
    -autothrottle has disconnected

    -push either control column autopilot disengage switch
  3. What does the EICAS caution AUTOTHROTTLE DISC mean and how do you get the beeper silence?
    • -Autothrottle has disconnected
    • -push either autothrottle disconnect switch
  4. What does EICAS FMC MESSAGE mean?
    -MCDU is dsplaying an operationally significant message in the scratch pad.

    (pushing the MCDU CLR key will get rid of the message and advisory)
  5. Where is the slip/skid indicator?
    at the top of the PFD beneath the bank pointer
  6. What are the autothrottle modes displayed on the PFD?
    SPD- autothrottles are controlling thrust to maintain speed selected in the IAS/Mach window, or if VNAV is engaged, the speed as programmed by the FMC.

    IDLE- autothrottle reduced to flight idle

    THR HOLD- thrust levers remain in existing positions or where manually placed.

    N1- autothrottle controlling to the slected N1 reference thrust

    FLCH- thrust to max of the selected mode reference thrust during climb, and to a mim thrust during descent

    GA- max referenced thrust to maintain a climb rate of at least 2000 fpm. (if both flight directors and the autopilot are off, autothrottle controls to go-around ref thrust subject to flap and VMA limit speeds)
  7. What are the Roll modes displayed on the PFD?
    • LNAV -(armed) LNAV in white is armed to activate when parameters are met
    • (active) LNAV in green activates when in position to turn onto the active route leg. immediate activation within 2 1/2 miles of active leg

    HDG- HDG SEL - airplane turns to or maintains heading selected in MCP window.

    • LOC - (armed) AFDS captures the localizer when within range and within 120 degrees of course
    • (active) AFDS follows the localizer course

    B/CRS (armed)AFDS is armed to capture and track inbound on the backcourse of localizer after the localizer capture

    (active) AFDS tracks the inbound on backcoure of localizer

    • TO -ON the ground, TO annunciates by selecting either F/D switch ON when the both flight directors are OFF
    • TO roll and pitch guidance become active at lift-off

    GA - After the reference thrust limit changes from taeoff to climb, GA arms wenever flaps are out of up or glideslope capture
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