St. Paul’s Cathedral

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    St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, Wren, 1700
  2. Structure - St. Paul’s Cathedral
    • Basilican plan
    • Saucer domes in the nave an aisle with buttresses over the aisle roofs
    • Large dome with supporting piers
    • Triple dome strategy
    •      •Inherent dome is masonry
    •      •Brick cone
    •      •Wooden lead covered exterior dome
  3. Function - St. Paul’s Cathedral
    Functioned as a cathedra
  4. Form - St. Paul’s Cathedral
    • Raised aisle walls to hide buttressing and impart a classical character to the exterior
    • Tall and dignified dome to dominate London’s skyline
    • Triple dome allows a less vertical interior space 
    • Rosettes and embossed leaves in wrought iron
    • Wood carvings and iron work
  5. Cultural Context - St. Paul’s Cathedral
    • Wren’s original plan was unaccepted because it was considered too Catholic being derived from the church’s Italian Baroque style in Rome.
    • Latin Cross plan was requested and then carried out
  6. Physical Context - St. Paul’s Cathedral
    • Dominating over London
    • Stand-alone
    • Built in dense city with surrounding structures
    • Large dome with double towers
  7. Historical Context - St. Paul’s Cathedral
    • Still functions as a Cathedral
    • Took a 30-year period to build where modifications were made throughout the process
    • Final building incorporated elements from a wide variety of sources
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