English Vocab week 5

  1. To carefully consider
    someone or something in order to make a judgment about them, especially about
    how good or useful he/she/it is
    Evaluate (v)
  2. A set of facts, ideas, etc. from which more
    complicated ideas are developed or on which decisions are based
    Framework (n)
  3. A
    possible future effect or result of a plan, action, or event
    Implication (n)
  4. Directly relating to the subject or problem
    being discussed or considered
    Relevant (adj.)
  5. To produce something by combining different
    things or substances
    Synthesize (v)
  6. An
    idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain something about life or the
    world, especially one that has not yet been proven to be true
    Theory (n)
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English Vocab week 5
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