Muscle List

  1. Epicranius
    (Frontal Belly)
    • Action- Raises the eyebrows; wrinkles the skin of the forehead
    • Origin- Occipital bone by way of Galea Aponeurosis
    • Insertion- Skin of eyebrows and bridge of nose
  2. Orbicularis Oculi
    • Action- Closes the eye
    • Origin- Frontal and maxillary bones, margin of orbit
    • Insertion- Skin around the eye; circles the orbit
  3. Zygomaticus major
    • Action- Raises the angle of the mouth (smile)
    • Origin- Zygomatic bone
    • Insertion- Skin and muscles about the angle of the mouth
  4. Orbicularis oris
    • Action- closes and protrudes the lips (kissing action)
    • Origin- Maxilla and Mandible
    • Insertion surrounding the mouth, lips
  5. Buccinator
    • Action- Compresses cheek; pulls corner of the mouth laterally
    • Origin- Mandible and Maxillary bone
    • Insertion- Orbicularis oris and skin at the angle of the mouth
  6. Masseter
    • Action- Raises the Mandible, closing the jaw
    • Origin- Zygomatic arch, Maxilla
    • Insertion- Manible
  7. Temporalis
    • Action- Raises the Mandible, closing the jaw
    • Origin- Temporal bone
    • Insertion- Coronoid process of Mandible
  8. Platysma
    • Action- Depresses the Mandible; draws the angle of the mouth downward; tightens the skin of neck
    • Origin- Fascia of the upper chest
    • Insertion- Mandible and skin of chin and cheek
  9. Sternocleidomastoid
    • Action- Pulls head to one side, pulls head toward chest, or raises sternum
    • Origin- Sternum and Clavivle
    • Insertion- Mastoid process of Temporal bone
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