Hemostasis, Emergency Situations, and All-Hazards Preparation

  1. Autologous
    From oneself
  2. Cardiac dysrhythmias
    Refers to any type of abnormal heart rhythm
  3. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
    The act of manually providing chest compressions and ventilations to patients in cardiac arrest in an effort to provide oxygenated blood to the brain and vital organs, and reverse the processes that lead to death
  4. Compress
    To apply pressure
  5. Hemolysis
    The destruction of erythrocytes
  6. Hemostasis
    The arrest of the escape of blood through natural or artificial means
  7. Hemostat
    A device or agent used as a coagulant
  8. Homologous
    From the same species
  9. Hyperthermia
    Abnormally high body temperature
  10. Rh (Rhesus) factor
    Genetically determined blood group antigen that is present on the surface of erythrocytes of some individuals; if the antigen is present the individual is Rh1 (positive) and if absent Rh– (negative)
  11. Suction
    The act of sucking up air or fluids through a device, such as a tonsil suction tip
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Hemostasis, Emergency Situations, and All-Hazards Preparation
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