Math Test

  1. sum
    the answer to an addition problem
  2. difference
    the answer to a subtraction problem
  3. product
    the answer to a multiplication problem
  4. quotient
    the answer to a division problem
  5. area
    the number of square units inside a 2D shape
  6. perimeter
    the distance around the outside of a 2D shape
  7. equivalent fractions
    • fractions that are equal or fractions that name the same amount 
    • 4/8 = 1/2
  8. numerator
    the top number of a fraction.  it tells how many parts you have.
  9. denominator
    the bottom number of a fraction.  it tells how many pieces are in the whole.
  10. factors
    numbers that are multiplied to a get a product
  11. prime numbers
    numbers that have exactly two factors.  the only way to get this number with multiplication is 1 X itself.
  12. composite number
    a number with more than 2 factors.  there are more ways to get this number with multiplication than 1 X itself.
  13. mode
    the number that appears most often.
  14. range
    the answer you get when you subtract the smallest number from the largest number.
  15. median
    the middle number when the numbers are lined up from greatest to least.
  16. volume of a rectangular prism
    • 3D
    • length x width x height
  17. ordered pairs (8,7)
    • go right 8 units
    • then, go up 7 units
  18. simplify a fraction
    • 9/12
    • 3/6
    • 10/30
    • 15/45
  19. place value
    billions, millions, thousands, ones
  20. places on decimal place value chart
    ones . tenths, hundredths, thousandths
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