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    • What is upper gastrointestinal study
    • UGI consists of a series of radiographs of the lower esophagus, stomach, and duodenum using barium sulfate as the contrast medium.
    • It detects any abnormal condition of the upper GI any tumors or ulceration lesions.
  1. Nursing intervention for Upper GI study
    • NPO after midnight.
    • No smoking
    • Stools light colored because of barium till its out.
    • Give pt MOM 60ml after examination unless contraindicated.
  2. What is tube gastric analysis?
    It helps determine the completeness of a vagotomy, confirm hypersecretion, or achlorhydria, estimate acid secretory capacity, or test for intrinsic factor.
  3. What is achlorhydria
    An abnormal condition characterized by the absence of hydrochloric acid in the gastric tube.
  4. Nursing intervention for tube gastric analysis?
    • No anticholinergic meds for 24hrs
    • No smoking
    • May eat afterwards
  5. What is esophagogastroduodenoscopy?
    Endoscopy enables direct visualization of the upper gi tract.
  6. Nursing intervention for esophagogastroduodenoscopy? EGD
    NPO after midnight
  7. What is capsule endoscopy?
    When the pt swallows a capsule with a camera that provides endoscopic evaluation of the GI tract.
  8. Nursing intervention for capsule endoscopy?
    NPO until 4-6 hrs later. No food while camera is inside.
  9. Barium swallow is?
    More thorough exam of esophagus
  10. What medium is preferred over barium in a barium swallow?
  11. What is given after a barium swallow
    • Increase fluids
    • Or
    • MOM
  12. Nursing intervention for barium swallow
    NPO p midnight
  13. What is a bernstein test
    Instillation of hydrochloric acid into the esophagus to determine GERD vs Angina
  14. Nursing intervention for bernstein test
    • NPO 8hr before procedure
    • Meds interfere c acid so withhold
    • No smoking
  15. What is a sigmoidoscopy
    Endoscopy of the lower GI tract
  16. Nursing intervention for sigmoidoscopy?
    • Use of conscious sedation
    • Enemas pm before, am before monitoring
  17. What is a colonoscopy?
    Examine the entire colon
  18. Nursing intervention for colonoscopy
    • NPO p midnight
    • Clear liquids diet 1-3days
  19. GoLYTELY is
    • Osmotic electrolyte solution
    • Served cold
    • Drink 1-2 gallons served in 8oz every 15min
  20. What should you stool look like after GoLYTELY
    • Stool should look urine by the end of medication
    • Stay close to bathroom
  21. What is a ERCP
    • Visualization of biliary system and pancreatic duct
    • Scope is inserted through oral cavity to the duodenum
  22. Nursing intervention for ERCP
    • NPO 8hrs a procedure
    • Pt must stay motionless threw procedure
    • NPO till gag reflux returns
  23. What is a HIDA scan
    IV injection of radioactive isotope followed by a camera recording of the distribution of isotopes in the liver, biliary tree, gallbladder, or proximal small bowel
  24. Nursing intervention for HIDA scan
    NPO p midnight
  25. AST(SGOT) range
  26. ALT(SGPT) range
  27. Range for LDH
  28. Range for Alkaline phosphatase
  29. BMP sodium range
  30. BMP potassium range
  31. BMP calcium range
  32. Ranges for total protein
  33. Range for albumin
  34. Ranges for globulin
  35. Ranges for A/G ratio
  36. Amylase serum range
  37. Lipase range
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