Warder Pali Chapter 08, 1 verbs - instrumental phrases

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  1. braahma.nena saddhi.m
    with the priest
  2. saddena
    filled with noise
  3. bhagavataa vaadena kupito
    angry with the Bhagavan's statement
  4. civarena santu.t.tho
    contented with the robe
  5. kara.niiyena
    engaged in some business
  6. iminaa p' a.ngena
    you shouldnt go for that reason
  7. samasamo va.n.nena
    quite equal in beauty
  8. aparena samayena
    after some time, in due course
  9. tena samayena
    at that time
  10. iminaa
    in this way
  11. iminaa pariyaayena
    through this course of action
  12. kaayena patisa.mvedeti
    he experiences through his body
  13. kiccena adhigata.m
    understood with difficulty
  14. yaanena gacchati
    he comes in a carriage
  15. dvaadasayojanaani ahosi aayaamena
    it (a city eg) was 12 leagues in length
  16. sattayojanaani vitthaarena
    seven leagues in breadth
  17. purisena purisa.m
    comparing one person to another
  18. sahassena
    for a thousand
  19. sahassena kahaapa.nas
    for a thousand silver coins
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