Warder Pali Chapter 10, 1b genative phrases

  1. ra~n~no thuupo
    a king's monument
  2. idam assa hoti
    of him there is this - he has this
  3. tassa evam hoti
    of him thus it is - he thinks thus
  4. sattaahassa accayena... pabbajissaama
    after a week we will go forth
  5. mama accayena
    after me - eg after I die
  6. braahma.nassa puujito (So.nda.n.do)
    Sondando was honoured of (by) the Brahmin
  7. yesa.m... devaa... adi.t.thaa
    • those... who have not seen... the gods
    • of (by) whom the gods are unseen
  8. aha.m... tassa ya~n~nassa yaajetaa
    I was the performer of that sacrifice
  9. kumbhi.m... puura.m... suva.n.nassa
    pot... full of... gold
  10. me purato
    in front of me
  11. laayaanam antarena
    between the bodies (atoms)
  12. uttara.m nagarassa
    north of the city
  13. telassa jhaamaanassa
    while the oil was buring
  14. maataapitunna.m... rudantaana.m... pabbajito
    though his mother and father wept, he went forth
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Warder Pali Chapter 10, 1b genative phrases
Warder Pali Chapter 10 genative phrases