APUSH Chapter 23

  1. a government scandal involving a former United States Navy oil reserve in Wyoming that was secretly leased to a private oil company in 1921
    Teapot Dome Scandal
  2. a market structure in which a few large firms dominate a market
  3. president after World War I who promised to return the US to normalism
    Warren Harding
  4. elected Vice President and succeeded as 30th President of the United States when Harding died. Tried to clean up scandals. Business prospered and people's wealth increased
    Calvin Coolidge
  5. when companies provide incentives to build better relationships with employees; health insurance, safety standards, buy stock in the company
    welfare capitalism
  6. A plan to revive the German economy, the United States loans Germany money which then can pay reparations to England and France, who can then pay back their loans from the U.S. This circular flow of money was a success.
    Dawes Plan
  7. Agreement signed in 1928 in which nations agreed not to pose the threat of war against one another
    Kellogg-Briand Pact
  8. One of the first classic full-length "moving-pictures," it glorified the KKK and defamed blacks and carpetbaggers.
    "The Birth of a Nation"
  9. a person who believes in the literal meaning of religious texts and strict obedience to religious laws
  10. high school biology teacher was accused of teaching Darwinism in class instead of the biblical account of creation; the trial that pitted the teaching of Darwin's theory of evolution against teaching Bible creationism
    Scopes "Monkey Trial"
  11. a flowering of African American culture in the 1920s; instilled interest in African American culture and pride in being an African American.
    Harlem Renaissance
  12. Governor of New York four times, and was the Democratic U.S. presidential candidate in 1928. He was the first Roman Catholic and Irish-American to run for President as a major party nominee. He lost the election to Herbert Hoover.
    Al Smith
  13. Republican candidate who assumed the presidency in March 1929 promising the American people prosperity and attempted to first deal with the Depression by trying to restore public faith in the community.
    Herbert Hoover
  14. recurring fluctuations in economic activity consisting of recession and recovery and growth and decline
    business cycle
  15. October 29, 1929; the day the stock market crashed. Lead to the Panic of 1929
    Black Tuesday
  16. RFC was an independant agency of the United States government. It granted over 2 billion dollars to the local and state governments. It was charted under the Herbert Hoover administration.
    Reconstruction Finance Corporation
  17. shanty-towns that housed many who had lost everything. Shelters were built of old boxes and other discards.
  18. Group of WWI vets. that marched to D.C. in 1932 to demand the immediate payment of their goverment war bonuses in cash
    Bonus Army
  19. President of the US during Great Depression and World War II
    Frankin D. Roosevelt
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