Crop Lab Fruits

  1. what is a fruit?
    a ripened ovary
  2. what is a pericarp?
    part of the fruit formed from the ovary wall
  3. exocarp
    outer layer
  4. mesocarp
    middle layer
  5. endocarp
    inner layer
  6. what is a simple fruit?
    develops from a single ovary
  7. in a berry...
    entire pericarp is fleshy, all edible
  8. in a pepo....
    berry with a hard exocarp (melons)
  9. hespendium
    berry with a leathery exocarp having parchment like petitions (orange)
  10. drupe
    berry with a hard stony endocarp (peaches)
  11. pome
    berry where the ovary is surrounded by fleshy recepticle tissue (apple)
  12. what is a dry fruit?
    fruit that has been dried (naturally dehydrated)
  13. in a dehiscent...
    pericarp splits at maturity along a seam, releasing seeds
  14. three types of dehiscents
    legumes, siliques, capsules
  15. in legumes...
    one carpel seperate on two sides (pods)
  16. in siliques...
    2 carpals seperated by a membrane (mustard)
  17. what is an indehiscent?
    where the pericarp does not split at maturity
  18. types of indehiscents
    achene, caryopsis, nut
  19. achene
    small single-seeded dry fruit with a hard pericarp (sunflower)
  20. caryopsis
    single seeded dry fruit where sead coat and pericarp are fused (corn, oats, wheat)
  21. nut
    single seeded dry fruit with a hard pericarp enclosed in a husk (acorn)
  22. aggregate fruits
    a fruit cluster of many ripened ovaries produced from a single flower (strawberry, blackberry, dewberry)
  23. multiple fruits
    formed from ripened ovaries of several individual flowers; as they grow they fuse together (pineapple, fig)
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