1. You get called to a tc. The pt is complaining of abominal pain, upon palpation you find distention/tender and refered pain to the left shoulder. What do you think she injured?
  2. Preg women who goes into shock, what position do you place her?
    Left lateral recombent
  3. If medical control give you an impropriate order, what actions should you take?
    Tell medical control the oder is unclear and ask for them to repeat
  4. You go on a call with a pt who had diarrhea and is hypotensive, whats your main action?
    O2 and prompt transpo
  5. If your treating a pt and they get real, sweaty and stop talking, what do you do?
    Reassess Initial assessment
  6. You have someone with a large object in the eye, what actions do you take?
    immobilize and cover the other eye.
  7. Traffic collision with downed powerlines on a car, what actions do you take?
    Wait for the power company and set up a perimeter with tape.
  8. Someone who has a possible pneumothorax, and the pt gets shocky, whats causing the problem?
    The aorta and vena cava is being compressed
  9. A pt with gurgling respirations, what actions do you take?
    Suction (15 sec)
  10. Pt who is apneic and pulseless
    CPR and AED
  11. Possible allergic reaction to a substance like peanuts with a lump in her throat, what do you want to ask?
    Do you have a prescribed epipen
  12. If you cant reach medical control on anytype of call, what do you do?
    Follow protocal and standing orders
  13. You just delivered a baby and you notice bleeding, what action do you take?
    Message the fundas
  14. All necessary life functions are coordinated in what part of the brain?
    Brain stem
  15. What actions do you take if the baby has the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck?
    Attempt to slip it over the head
  16. On a dog bite call what do need to do after pt care?
    Report it
  17. someone having trouble breathing but they can talk what action do we take?
    15l nonrebreather
  18. You respond to a suicide scene, what action do you take first?
    Wait for PD
  19. Flail chest?
    segment of the is detached from the thoracic cage
  20. When transporting a pt, he goes unconscious what action do you take?
    Open the airway.
  21. Kid with something lodged in the ear, what actions do we take?
    Transport and let the Dr remove
  22. What is Cholecystitis
    inflammation of the gallblader usually results from a gallstone blocking the flow of bile. Refered pain to the right shoulder
  23. Anyone in Vfib or Vtach what do they need
    Prompt Defibrillation
  24. Car accident driver is unconscious, what the first thing we do?
    Manual immobilization
  25. When you see coastal vertebrae on the test
  26. On a fall your biggest concern is ?
    Was she injuried when she fainted
  27. SOB with lung cancer and the pt is blaming the hospital, hes in what stage?
  28. You go to an old persons home and the home is dirty and sign abuse, what kind is it?
    Physical abuse
  29. You get called to a pt with a braken ventillator, what do you do?
    Bag em
  30. Head trauma with bleeding
    C-spine and jaw thrust
  31. You find someone with a AAA, what actions do you take>?
    O2, prompt transpo
  32. CAn you get a cert with a felony?
  33. What is an allergic reaction?
    The body's Exaggerated immune response to an internal or surface agent
  34. Someone with a spine injury with a helmet on, what actions do you take?
    Take it off since your having trouble with abc's
  35. Connective nerves
    Found in the brain and spinal cord, connect the sensory and motor nerves with short fibers, they allow exchange of messages
  36. Decrease in bone density
  37. First on scene, what is your function?
  38. Intestines protruding, how do you care?
    Moist- warm dressing
  39. Someones killed in a traffic TC, the passenger survives how is he treated?
    As a trauma pt
  40. Person with sudden illness, from hiking
    lime disease
  41. Childbirth and you see crowning, what actions do we take?
    Apply pressure to the infants head
  42. find someone unconscious, he has a pulse what do you do?
    Airway Breathing of the ABC's
  43. You find a sick baby with the fontinels sunken in?
  44. overdose on elavil
    extreme drowsiness, hallucinations, fast/irregular heartbeat, fainting, slow/shallow breathing, seizures.
  45. Behavioral emergencies
    Defuse and controll the situation and transpo
  46. Clavicle fracture
    Sling and swathe
  47. How do you stop bleeding to the penis
    Direct pressure
  48. When you give a shot you have two items syringe and plunger
    If it draws no blood, you push the medication
  49. What do you do with a baby that had a seizure
    Cool down with tempid water, o2 and transpo
  50. At a triage just cause there an organ donor
    They dont have no special orders
  51. Haz mat scene, pt has white powder how do you handle?
    Decon, brush it off
  52. Possible stroke pt, how do you transpo
    Left lateral recombent
  53. Severe SoB, how do you treat?
    get a focused physical exam on the prob, o2
  54. Diabetic pts are more critical with burns
  55. Minor head injury, pupils unequal, whats not the problem
    intercranial pressure
  56. SID's Riskfactors
    mothers younger than 20, smokers, and low birthweight
  57. Doing CPR on a pt who lives on the second floor, how do you get the pt down>
  58. open chest wound and the pt is getting worse
    partially remove dressing
  59. IC send you to triage
    Go to triage and not anywhere else
  60. Labored breathing
    Bag em
  61. Cap refill and it slow?
    Poor perfusion
  62. Semi conscious, breathing slow
    Bag em
  63. Find someone floating upside down
    maintain c,spine turn em over and abc
  64. Older pt hypotensive, warm and moist and just had a surgery
    Septic shock
  65. Apgar
  66. abnormal pupils
    head injury
  67. cord sticking out of the V
    Push the head away from the cord
  68. Checking someone and you notice a pelvic injury
  69. you did a rapis extrication and the pt is breathing to slow>?
    Ventilator assistance
  70. you dong CPR and the pt has a pacemaker and the AED says shock what do you do>
  71. assisted someone with a inhaler
    Document response interventions and reassess
  72. Someone with COPD/CHF
    Bag em
  73. anyone found unconscious in a bed or chair
    Head tilt chin lift
  74. Someone with a rectal bleed, what should you ask
    Ask about any abdominal trauma
  75. How does a childs body compensate
  76. you respond to someone already doing CPR what do you do>?
    DO your own assessment
  77. How do you stop bleeding
    Direct pressure
  78. on an ekg where does the white lead go?
    Right shoulder, black left rib
  79. haz mat spill where do you position
    rule of thumb upwind uphill
  80. Possible complication to lacerations to the neck
    Air embolism
  81. PTL
    The large balloon cuff no.2 is designed to seal the oralpharynx
  82. Whos license do you work under?
    Medical director
  83. Someone with a bloody nose, whats a med term
  84. Vomiting and swollowing in the lungs
  85. Someone who is having withdraws from alchohol
  86. During digestion what converts the bile?
  87. Diabetic problem management
    O2 - nonrebreather
  88. partner puts and IV and then they go blue
    you have an air bubble, transport left side head down
  89. When your calling for medivac
    Clear the area
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