Cardiovascular System

  1. What are the Functions of the Heart?
    • Delivery of O2 to tissues
    • Removal of CO2 from tissues¬†
    • Transport nutrients hormones
    • Wastes etc.
    • Acid-Base Balance
    • Temperature Regulation
  2. Functions of Right Sid of Heart?
    • Receives blood returning from the body
    • Pumps blood to the lungs for aeration through the pulmonary Circulation
  3. Functions of the Left Side of the heart?
    • Receives oxygenated blood from the lungs
    • Pumps blood into the thick-walled, muscular aorta for distribution through the systemic circulation
  4. Atrioventricular valves?
    provide one way blood flow
  5. Tricuspid Valve?
    Provides one way blood flow from Right Atrium to Right Ventricle.
  6. Bicuspid Valve?
    Oneway blood flow from Left Atrium to Left Ventricle.
  7. Semilunar Valves?
    Prevent blood flow from going back into the heart during contractions
  8. Arterioles
    • Small arterial branches that can alter their internal diameter to regulate blood flow.
    • Through Vasoconstriction and Vasodialation.
  9. Systolic
  10. Diastolic
  11. MAP
    • Mean Arterial Pressure
    • MAP=Diastolic BP + [0.333(systolic-diastolic BP)]
  12. Karvonen Method
    THR=[(MHR=RHR)+ INT%] + RHR
  13. Decrease in HR
    • Parasympathetic Nervous System
    • Via Vagus Nerve
    • Slows HR by inhibiting SA node
  14. Increase in HR
    • Sympathetic Nervous System
    • Via Cardiac Accelerator Nerves
    • Increases HR by stimulating SA Node
  15. RPP
    • Rate Pressure Product
    • RPP=SBPxHR
    • Estamation of cardiac work
  16. SA Node
    Sinoatrial Node, mass of specialized muscle tissues
  17. AV Node
    • Atrioventricular Node
    • Stimulated by the SA Node when spread across atria
  18. Bundle of His
    AV Node gives rise to bundle of his then transmits the impulse through ventricles over to purkinje fibers.
  19. P Wave
    Depolarazation of Atria
  20. QRS Complex
    • Signals electrical changes from ventricular depolarization
    • Atria re polarized ¬†but not shown because QRS complex covers it
  21. T Wave
    Ventricular Reploarization
  22. U Wave
    Delayed Reploaraization of Ventricles
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