Sociology 120

  1. the authorities and social institutions that enforce norms and rules, attempt to prevent rule violations, and identify and punish rule violators
    agents of social control
  2. the death penalty
    capital punishment
  3. the shared norms, beliefs, and values in a community
    collective conscience
  4. a theory that suggests that our behavior is regulated by the strength of our connection to major social institutions, including family, school, and religion
    control theory
  5. deviant behavior that violates a law
  6. statistics that measure the incidence of crime in relation to population size
    crime rates
  7. the process of making an illegal action legal
  8. behavior that does not conform to basic cultural norms and expectations
  9. a group in which membership is based on a shared commitment to specific nonconformist beliefs or behaviors
    deviant subculture
  10. according to this theory, deviance is learned through interaction with other people involved in deviant behavior
    differential association theory
  11. the theory that deviance is the result of how others interpret a behavior and that individuals who are labeled deviant often internalize this judgement as part of their self-identity
    Labeling theory
  12. the activities of individual who commit deviant acts without the social support of other participants
    loner deviance
  13. the designation of a deviant behavior as an illness that can be treated by medical professionals
    medicalization of deviance
  14. a shift in which previously deviant behaviors become accepted as conventional
  15. following cultural expectations to an excessive degree
  16. overconformity that gets a favorable response
    positive deviance
  17. a relapse into criminal behavior
  18. deviant behavior that is a response to the negative consequences of labeling
    secondary deviance
  19. the incentives and punishments that promote conformity in social life
    social control
  20. the shame attached  to a behavior or status that is considered socially unacceptable or discrediting
  21. a theory that emphasizes that the strain or pressure on those who lack the means to achieve culturally defined goals leads them to pursue deviant routes to success
    strain theory
  22. monitoring by authorities who police the boundaries of what is normal
  23. crime committed by people of high social status in the course of their occupation
    white-collar crime
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