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  1. First step for running for president
    Get mentioned
  2. Second step for running for president
    set aside time to run
  3. Third step for running for president
    Raise Money
  4. Fourth step for running for president
  5. Who is in your organization
    • fundraisers
    • lawyers
    • accountants
    • press secretary
    • travel planner
    • direct mail company
  6. Final step for running for president
    • Strategy and Themes
    • Incumbent defends their record
    • Challenger attacks incumbents record
  7. Four T's in developing a strategy
    Tone, Theme, timing Target
  8. What would the tone be
    • positive- build yourself up
    • negative- attack the opponent
  9. What would the theme be
    • simple, appealing idea that can be repeated over and over.
    • ex. bush Sr. " stay the course
  10. what would the Timing be
    Dont be a front runner or you may get knock out early
  11. what would the target be
    • find who is unhappy ex. farmers, middle-class
    • only a small % of voters change vote from one election to the next
  12. What was the Campaign Finance Act of 1974
    • Created Federal Elections Commission (FEC)
    • Candidates must report every contribution over $100 and supreme court ruled that pre set campaign spending limits are unconstitutional
  13. What is the FEC?
    enforces political restrictions on political spending and runs presidential elections public financing
  14. What was the intent of the FEC
    to open up the election process
  15. unintended effects of the FEC 1.
    growth of special interest money from PAC's
  16. unintended effects of the FEC 2.
    control of money now with individual rather than parties
  17. unintended effects of the FEC 3.
    wealthy challengers needed, they can use their own money to take on incumbents
  18. unintended effects of the FEC 4.
    candidate with strong ideological appeal has easier time raising money from people with strong feelings on issues
  19. unintended effects of the FEC 5.
    campaigns have gotten longer
  20. unintended effects of the FEC 6.
    incumbents raise more money from PAC's
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