To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 7-11

  1. cleave
    v. split or sever
  2. perpetual
    adj. nonstop
  3. aberration
    n. abnormal event
  4. procured
    v. obtain
  5. donned
    v. put on
  6. fanatical
    adj. enthusiastic
  7. gallantly
    adv. brave or heroic
  8. indicative
    adj.  serving as an indication of something
  9. ingenuous
    adj. innocent
  10. innate
    adj. natural
  11. inordinately
    adv. excessively
  12. umbrage
    n. offense
  13. mortify
    v. cause to feel ashamed
  14. obstreperous
    adj. noisy and difficult to control
  15. tentatively
    adv. hesitantly
  16. articulate
    adj. fluent and coherent
  17. rudiments
    n. the first principles of a subject
  18. vaguely
    adv. unclearly
  19. apoplectic
    adj. overcome with anger
  20. commence
    v. to start
  21. degredation
    n. gradual decline
  22. essence
    n. the nature of something
  23. passé
    adj. no longer fashionable
  24. propensities
    n. a natural tendency to behave in a particular way
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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 7-11
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