OSI Model Quiz

  1. The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model divides networking architecture into ___ layers.

    D) seven
  2. Choose the correct listing of the OSI model layers from 1 to 7:

    B) Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Sessions, Presentation, & Application
  3. The network uses the ________to deliver a frame.

    B) address
  4. Error checking & control information ensure that a(n) ____ arrives w/out any problems.

    C) frame
  5. If you insert a Network Interface Card but fail to seat it deeply enpugh in the PCs circuit board, your PC will experience network problems at the ___ layer.

    A) Physical
  6. Transport layer services break arbitraritly long packets into ____?

    A) The max size that the type network in use can handle
  7. ___ is the process by which the Transport layer service of the sending node divides the dending node's dara, & assigns a sequece number to each piece so that the data can be reassembled in the correct order by the receiving node's Transport layer service.

    B) Segmentation
  8. Which layer does Mr. Delmarter sometimes compaire Sarha, the Mayberry telephone operator.

    C) Session
  9. One of the services provided by the Application layer is ____.

    C) file transfer
  10. The Transport layer passes the data block, one at a time, to the ___ layer.

    D) Network
  11. The Network layer passes the data blocks, w/ their addressing identification, to the ___ layer.

    D) Data Link
  12. The Network layer adds addressing Info to the data it recieves from the ___ layer.

    A) Transport
  13. The Presentation layer compresses or encrypts data & passes the request on to the ___ layer.

    D) Session
  14. Using frames reduces the possibility of lost data or error on the network, b/c each frame has ______.

    B) Its own built-in error check
  15. At the ___ layer, the data blocks are packages into individual frames.

    C) Data Link
  16. The IEEE expanded the OSI Model by seperating the ______ layer into 2 sublayers, the Logical Link Control (LLC) & the Media Access Control (MAC).

    B) Data Link
  17. In networking, the term "to route" means to intelligently direct data on addressing, patterns of usage, & availability.

    B) True
  18. Reassemble is the process of reconstructing the segemented data units.

    C) True
  19. One of the Session layer's functions is to synchronize the dialog between the 2 nodes.

    C) True
  20. The characteristics of the frame componets depend on the type of network on which the frames run & on the standards that they must follow.

    A) True
  21. The 3rd layer of the OSI Model is the ____ layer.
    A) Data Link
    C) Network
    D) Transport
    C) Network
  22. The ____ layer protocols code & decode graphics & file format info.
    A) Data Link
    C) Session
    D) Presentation
    D) Presentation
  23. The Ethernet frame is specified by the IEEE ____ standard.

    B) 802.3
  24. The 7th (top) layer of the OSI Model is the ____ layer.

    C) Application
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