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  1. insignificant outbreaks of lawless disorder

    violence perpetuates by isolated and native population
    Traditional- colonial view

    (PIMPLE) theory
  2. -elevates mindsets of the Filipinos to reach a point where they eventually become conscious of their identity as a nation
    • Marxist Historians 
    • (Nationalist Historians)

    (STAIRCASE) Theory
  3. What is the middle ground theory?
    Onofre D. Corpuz
  4. Who wrote Roots of the Filipino Nation?
    Onofre D. Corpuz
  5. What are the two categories of Onofre D. Corpuz?
    1. resistance to conquest

    2. resistance to regime
  6. Who resisted the conquest?
    • Muslims,  Cordillera
    • ARMM
  7. Who resisted the regime?
    Christianised Filipinos

    Dagohoy revolt
  8. James Scott
    Weapons of the Weak
  9. Weapons of the Weak?
    conformity is calculated

    • beneath surface of ideological resistance 
    • "symbolic and ritual compliance"

    beneath surface peace there is continuous resistance
  10. what colonial officials witnessed in___, was fake

    they were secretly fighting
  11. Criteria for Weapons of the Weak:

    1. collective and organized

    2. principled and selfless, not opportunistic and selfish

    • 3. must be revolutionary consequences
    • - though covert, still changes status quo

    4. must negate rather than accept basis of domination
  12. Crime, Society and the State?
    Greg Bankoff
  13. Philippines was thought of ___ with Spain

    No kaya, they were fighting through petty crimes
  14. What is the nationalist/ marxist view of Teodoro Agoncillo?
    - ineffectual illustrado reform movement

    -emergence of mass revolution
  15. What is the second Nationalist view?
    poverty and misery: will to lash out and fight back and transform society
  16. Who negated the argument of Teodoro Agoncillo?
    Nick Joaquin
  17. Question of heroes?
    Nick Joaquin
  18. revolution acc. to Agoncillo and Joaquin due to?
    • a. masses
    • b. rich people
  19. How does he explain the revolt in 1896?
    Local elite 

    As people become more educated, wealthier--> don't ignore slights: insults, degradation

    Rizal will not bow down!!
  20. insurgence is not the biproduct of mass misery
    Nick Joaquin
  21. What are the 4Ps elite fight for?
    Peace progress prosperity and propaganda

    We go to La Union for some peace time, there is prosperity at maganda dito. The mall still alcks progress.
  22. What is an insurgent intellectual movement?
  23. What is amor propio?
  24. The PR involved
    below and above, in between and clergy
  25. a revolutionist related to Cry of Balintawak
    Ladislaw Diwa
  26. What occurred in the Cry of Balintawak?
    tearing of cedula, capital offense

    >> people motivated to fight
  27. Where did it start?
    • San Francisco del Monte-->
    • Consta Ligas--> Balara
    • Marikina-->
    • Purang--> 
    • San Mateo

    We went to San Fransisco del Monte first, then we went to  Consta LigAs, then we stayed in baLAta, then we went to Las Vegas maRikINa, then we rod PurAng(L) going home to saN mAteo(IA)
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