Plant Tissues: Vascular

  1. what are the types?
    • xylem
    • phloem
  2. xylem characteristics
    • complex tissue made up of tracheids and vessel elements, parenchyma and sclerenchyma
    • The two chief funcitonal cells of xylem are the tracheids and vessel elements
    • both are dead at maturity and have elongated cells whose secondary cell walls have holes (pits)
    • different in terms of plant
  3. xylem function
    • transport of water and minerals up plant
    • root-->stem-->leaf
  4. xylem
    continuous through whole plant
  5. phloem characteristics
    • vascular and complex
    • sieve tube cells/ elements
    • companion/ albuminous cells
    • two functional cells are the sieve tube elements and the companion cells
    • also has sclerenchyma
    • sieve: elongated but alive cells; lost most organelles but still alive; ends contain sieve poles
    • companion cells: specialized parenchyma cell alive at maturity and used for loading and unloading of organic material into and out of sieve tube elements
  6. phloem function
    transport of organic molecules up and down and across in all directions
  7. phloem
    runs through plant
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