Human Services Terminology

  1. Almshouses
    Workhouses for the mentally ill, the elderly, children, able-bodied poor, criminals, and other groups of people who needed care
  2. Community-based services
    Services available in the community that enable clients to interact with their enviornments in the least restrictive settings in which they can function
  3. Conservatism
    A political trend that supports freedom, market solutions, and less government
  4. Electroshock Therapy
    The administration of electricity to the brain to diminish behaviors
  5. Individualism
    The belief that hard work by any individual is the way to success
  6. Laissez-faire
    An economic concept that advocated a society or government with little responsibility to those in need
  7. Poor Relief
    Food and protection for the poor provided by the church
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Human Services Terminology
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