1. The Axis Powers:
    Germany, Italy and Japan.
  2. The Allied Powers
    France, Britain, the Soviet Union, China and the U.S.
  3. First thing that happened.
    Germany invades Poland.
  4. 3rd September 1939
    France and Britain declare war on Germany.
  5. After France and Britain declare war on Germany ...
    Germany attacks France.
  6. June 1940
    France falls.
  7. 9th April 1940
    Germany invades Denmark.
  8. 14th June 1940
    Germans enter Paris.
  9. 7th September 1940
    Germans bomb London
  10. December 1940
    Japan joins the war on the German side.
  11. 10th May 1941
    German bombs destroy British House of Commons.
  12. 22nd June 1941
    Hitler breaks promise and invades Russia.
  13. 7th December 1941
    Japanese bomb the US navy in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii.
  14. 11th December 1941
    Germany and Italy declare war on the U.S.A
  15. 20th January 1942
    The Nazis decide that the Jews shouldn't be considered as humans.
  16. 30th May 1942
    Soviets push back the German army and the U.S. bomb the Japanese navy.
  17. 4th November 1942
    The British drive back the German tanks in North Africa.
  18. 2nd December 1942
    A nuclear reaction is created by scientists in Chicago.
  19. February 1943
    The Germans in Russia are defeated.
  20. 19th April 1943
    Jews in Poland attempt to rise against the Nazis.
  21. 16th May 1943
    Jews in Warsaware are wiped out.
  22. 23rd July 1943
    Allies capture Palermo in Sicily and head North.
  23. 25th July 1943
    Italy is invaded by Allies and Mussolini is thrown out of power.
  24. April 1944
    The U.S. are heading for Japan, the Soviets have reached Poland and Romania, the British and U.S. allies are heading through Italy.
  25. 6th June 1944
    Allies land in France and head towards Berlin.
  26. 12th June 1944
    Germany launches a flying bomb on London.
  27. 20th July 1944
    Hitler is bombed by his own army. He survives.
  28. 31st Augast 1944
    The Poles rebel but the Americans refuse to help. The Poles fall.
  29. September 1944
    The U.S. troops arrive on German soil.
  30. 27th January 1945
    Soviets release 5000 prisoners from Auschwitz concentration camp.
  31. 14th February 1945
    Allied air raids flatten Dresden in Germany and destroy everything.
  32. 28th April 1945
    Mussolini is tried and hung.
  33. 30th April 1945
    Allies surround Berlin, Soviets conquer, Hitler kills himself.
  34. 7th May 1945
    German government surrenders and the war in Europe is over.
  35. 6th Augast 1945
    The U.S. drop a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima.
  36. 2nd September 1945
    The war is over.
  37. Reasons for Austria's involvement in WW11:
    Hitler maintained that all German speaking countries should have the same government. After numerous threats to the Austrian government, Hitler ordered his troops into Austria in March 1938. They were then united, partly by force.
  38. Japanese involvement in WW11:
    On the 7th December 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. This brought the U.S. into the war with Japan, preceded by Hitler declaring war. The Japanese invaded and over-ran the Philippines, Malaya and the Dutch East Indies. They also penetrated Burma and swept into New Guinea and the surrounding islands. They even bombed Australian ports.
  39. 3 Aims of the Holocaust:
    • To target certain minorities,
    • to create a super race,
    • to create a 'villain' and a scapegoat.
  40. Consequence of the Holocaust:
    6 million Jews dead.
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