History Exam 2

  1. ID: Steam Power
    Patented by a Scottish engineer called James Watt in 1782 in Britain. The invention of the steam engine allowed for greater quantities for products that were in demand. This invention allowed factory owners to build factories anywhere and directly influenced new technologies in iron & coal production.
  2. ID: Coal and Iron
    Puddling and Rolling process developed by Henry Cort that was developed in 1784 in Britain allowed for the low cost of high quality iron using coal as fuel which resulted in a boom in the British iron industry.
  3. ID: Textiles
    The most important industry in the first industrial revolution in Britain. The textile industry exploded in the late 18th and 19th century and pulled all the other industries behind them.
  4. ID: Railroads
    Railroads were invented in England and first used to move coal. Properly began in 1830 with Manchester to Liverpool opens first passenger railway. By 1840 – railway mania rips Britain, Europe, and America. With the railway, people started to synchronizetime. Railways pushed the industrial revolution into a new phase. Vastly increased the speed of communication. Led to cultural homogenization (class beat place).
  5. ID: Britain
    Dominated the world economy in first half of 19th century.  Pro-business government/upper class made it their priority to protect their businesses. Britain also had an open elite social class. They also had the best railways and canals.
  6. ID: Age of ISMS
    The age of ISMS was during the 19th Century. It's called this because several new ideologies developed, such as socialism, marxism, etc.
  7. ID: Liberalism
    People in Europe called for change and Liberalism is based on the idea that people should be free from restraint as possible. It owed much to the Enlightenment of the 18th century and the American and French Revolution at the end of that century.
  8. ID: Conservatism
    Conservatism started in Europe around 1815. It was put into affect to restore the old order after the defeat of Napolean by Great Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia.
  9. ID: Socialism
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