1. Cooperation definition:
    Working together on a common goal.
  2. Conflict definition:
    An open clash between two or more opposing groups.
  3. Major causes of world war 1: A
    Awful governments: Corrupt governments and dictators that went to war for their own personal gain.
  4. Major causes of world war 1: N
    Nationalism: People getting outraged when their country is insulted, going to war for the sake of pride.
  5. Major causes of world war 1: I
    Imperialism: Countries who believed they were superior taking reign over other countries.
  6. Major causes of world war 1: M
    Militarism: Control of government by armed forces. Wanting bigger and better armies.
  7. Major causes of world war 1: Al
    Alliances: Countries feel scared or obliged to make alliances and go to war.
  8. List of Events: Boer War
    1899-1900 Britain was fighting the Dutch Boer settlers to conquer South Africa. Germany said they support the Boers.
  9. List of Events: German Navy Law
    1900 Kaiser Wilhelm began to build up the German navy to sail across the world. After 1906 he began to build hugely powerful battleships. Britain felt threatened by this.
  10. List of Events: First Moroccan crisis
    1906 France hoped to conquer Morocco in Africa. Part of the Entente Cordiale was that the British would help them. In 1905 Kaiser promised to protect Morocco against any threats. The French and British were furious.
  11. List of Events: Daily Telegraph Article
    1908 Kaiser Wilhelm gave an interview where he said the British were 'mad' and said that the German people hated them and confirmed they wanted to challenge the British Empire overseas.
  12. List of Events: Bosnian Crisis
    1908 Turkey was in decline and Austria-Hungary took advantage of this by taking over the Turkish state of Bosnia during a Turkish revolution. Serbia was furious because they were planning to take over due to the high amount of Serbs in Bosnia.
  13. List of Events: Agadir Crisis
    1911 During a Moroccan revolution the French sent in an army and took over the country. During this Kaiser Wilhelm sent a gunboat to the Moroccan port of Agadir. The French and British were furious and Germany was forced to remove the gunship.
  14. List of Events: Balkan Wars
    1912-1913 As Turkey grew weaker, Serbia, Greece and Bulgaria (the Balkan League) attacked Turkey and captured almost all the remaining Turkish land in Europe. The British Foreign Secretary arranged a peace conference in London but the Bulgarians were unhappy with the deal they got to they attacked Serbia, but were defeated. Britain and Germany used their influence to end the Balkan Wars. Serbia now felt confident enough to threaten Austria.
  15. List of Events: Assassination at Sarajevo
    28 June 1914 Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb, shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary. This prompted and ultimatum that Serbia mostly complied with. This wasn't good enough for Austria-Hungayry and requested support from Germany before declaring war.
  16. The Dual Alliance
    1879 Germany and Austria-Hungary make an alliance to protect themselves from Russia. They also share borders and cultural similarities.
  17. Austro-Serbian Alliance
    1881 Austria-Hungary makes an alliance with Serbia to prevent Russia from gaining control of Serbia.
  18. The Triple Alliance
    1882 Germany and Austria-Hungary make an alliance with Italy to stop Italy taking sides with Russia. Italy was also small and wanted support from the larger countries. The three countries promised to give each other military support in the case of war.
  19. Franco-Russian Alliance
    1894 Russia allied with France to protect itself from Austria-Hungary and Germany.
  20. Entente Cordiale
    1904 This was an agreement but not a formal alliance between Britain and France. Britain needed more defence because it was fearful of Germany's growing army.
  21. The Anglo-Russian Entente
    1907 Britain and Russia ended their differences so Germany would have to face war on two fronts if war broke out.
  22. The Triple Entente
    1907 This alliance between Britain, France and Russia was made because of worsening relations between Germany and Russia and Germany and Britain. They agreed to support, but not go to war for eachother. They also agreed they would not sign for peace seperately.
  23. The ANZAC story: Australia had only become a
    nation a few years before, but in 1914 Australia said they would be loyal to their mother country and stand to defend Britain.
  24. The ANZAC story: Men rushed
    to join the army.
  25. The ANZAC story: The Generals decided there were
    already too many men at the British training camps so they were sent to Egypt to finish training.
  26. The ANZAC story: Turkey was on side with
    Germany and the British decided they could defeat Turkey if they captured Istanbul (Constantinople)
  27. The ANZAC story: After Turkey sank several
    British and French navy ships it was decided the only way to get to Istanbul would be to land soldiers at Gallipoli.
  28. The ANZAC story: On the
    25th April 1915 the ANZACs planned to go as far inland as possible.
  29. The ANZAC story: The ANZACs had landed
    in the wrong place and were met with gunfire, they were at the base of some cliffs. The ANZACs were slaughtered.
  30. Treaty of Versailles: B
    Blame: Germany takes sole responsibility for WW1.
  31. Treaty of Versailles: R
    Reparations: Payment of 6.6 billion pounds to victorious countries by Germany.
  32. Treaty of Versailles: A
    Army: Heavily restricted. No more airforce, only 6 battle ships and the navy vastly cut.
  33. Treaty of Versailles: T
    • Territory: Germany has to give back:
    • -Lorraine
    • -Belgium
    • -Denmark
    • -Poland
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