1. according to
    • 1. –e göre (as
    • said/stated/maintained/indicated by)

    • 2. –e göre,
    • ile uyumlu olarak (consistent with, in
    • accordance with, along with)
  2. because of 
    -den dolayı (Owing to, on account of, due to, thanks to, as a result of)
  3. due to 
    -den dolayı (Because of, owing to, on account of, thanks to, as a result of)
  4. on account of 
    -den dolayı (Because of, owing to, due to, thanks to, as a result of)
  5. on the basis of ST that
    • … gerekçesiyle, -den dolayı (because of, due to, on the … grounds)
    • She was chosen for the job on the basis of her qualifications and ideas.
    • Some videos have been banned on the basis that they are too violent.
  6. thanks to 
    -den dolayı (Because of, owing to, due to, on account of, as a result of)
  7. be concerned with 
    İle ilgili olmak (deal with, be interested in)
  8. be involved in 
    İle ilgili olmak, -e bulaşmak (Play a part/role in, participate in)
  9. as regards 
    İle ilgili olarak, hakkinda (Regarding, with regard to, concerning, in relation to, about)
  10. Just as 
    1. tam…-ken (While, as the same time as) 2. tıpkı… gibi 
  11. turn out to be 
    Olduğu ortaya çıkmak, …haline gelmek (Become, grow to be, turn into, develop into)
  12. hold back 
    Geride tutmak (withhold, reserve)
  13. on the agenda 
    Gündemde (Under discussion/debate/ negotiation, on the table)
  14. for instance
    Örneğin (For example, to illustrate)
  15. for example 
    Örneğin (For instance, to illustrate)
  16. at least 
    • 1. en azından (as a minimum, no less than)
    • 2. en azından, hiç olmazsa (at any rate)
  17. in turn 
    Sırasıyla, müteakiben, nihayetinde (in order, sequentially, consecutively, one after the other, serially)
  18. turn ST into ST
    Falanı falana dönüştürmek (convert/change/alter/modify ST into ST)
  19. set up 
    • Kurmak (deney, düzenek, makine vs)
    • She set up her stereo in her bedroom.
  20. come in 
    • ulaşmak, gelmek (sonuç, haber, mektup, telefon vs)  (arrive)
    • We stayed up all night watching the election results come in.
  21. in all likelihood 
    Kuvvetle muhtemel, büyük ihtimalle (Almost certainly, very likely, in all probability)
  22. pour into 
    e dökülmek, -e akmak- e üşüşmek (rush into, surge into)
  23. go back [to ST]
    • Kökeni …ya uzanmak (benzer bir kullanım olarak bkz.trace back ve date back)
    • Their family goes back to the time of the Pilgrim Fathers.
  24. date back [to ST]
    • Kökeni …ya uzanmak (benzer bir kullanım olarak bkz.trace back ve go back to)
    • The college dates back to medieval times.
    • The custom dates back hundreds of years.
    • Our friendship dates back to the late 70s.
  25. bring back 
    (gelirken beraberinde) getirmek
  26. in the long run 
    Uzun vadede (in the long term)
  27. in particular 
    Özellikle (particularly, specifically, especially)
  28. a set of 
    • Bir dizi… a set of false teeth Image Upload 1 a new set of rules to learn
  29. make use of 
    • Kullanmak, -den faydalanmak (Use, utilize, take advantage of, exploit)
    • We could make better use of our resources.
    • You should make use of your contacts.
  30. be made up of 
    den oluşmak (Comprise, be made of, be composed of)
  31. in terms of
    in… terms
    • …bakımından
    • The job is great in terms of salary, but it has its disadvantages.
    • The decision was disastrous in political terms.
    • He's talking in terms of starting a completely new career.
  32. take place 
    Olmak, vuku bulmak, gerçekleşmek (Happen, occur)
  33. be exposed to
    -e maruz kalmak, -e acik bulunmak (be subject to, be vulnerable to, be susceptible to)
  34. on the whole
    • Genel olarak (In general, overall, generally)
    • On the whole, I'm in favour of the idea.
  35. result in 
    • -yi netice vermek, -e yol açmak, -e sebep olmak (Cause, bring about, lead to, give rise to)
    • The cyclone has resulted in many thousands of deaths.
  36. in the sense Of
    … anlamında, şu manada ki…
  37. vice versa 
    • veya tam tersine
    • You can cruise from Cairo to Aswan or vice versa (= also from Aswan to Cairo).
  38. in that 
    … bakımından, şu bakımdan ki…
  39. give off 
    Açığa çıkarmak, salmak (Emit, exude, discharge, radiate)
  40. in spite of 
    e rağmen (despite)
  41. compensate for 
    Tazmin-telafi etmek (make up for)
  42. put into practice 
    Hayata geçirmek, uygulamaya koymak (put into action)
  43. prior to 
    den önce (before, earlier than, previous to)
  44. regardless of
    bakılmaksızın, hangi … olursa olsun (irrespective of
  45. let through 
    İzin vermek, bırakmak (permit)
  46. set in motion 
    Harekete geçmek (Start in on, initiate, commence, embark on, launch, activate)
  47. It follows from this fact that 
    • demek ki, buradan yola çıkarak deriz ki,
    • If a = b and b = c it follows that a = c.
  48. with the exception [of+N] [that+sent]
    hariç, şu istisnayla
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