Unit 5

  1. Total Cholesterol Level
    • <200mg/dL: desireable that puts you at decreased risk for coronary heart disease
    • 200-239mg/dL: borderline high
    • >240mg/dL: has more than 2x risk of coronary heart disease as someone who's cholesterol is <200
  2. Atherosclerosis
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  3. Unmodifiable risk factors for atherosclerosis
    • Age, Gender, Race
    • incidence of MI is highest in middle-aged caucasion male
    • after 60 y/o women & men's incidence equalize
    • women seen earlier in with CAD r/t stress, smoking, HTN, & birth control pills
    • african-american males prone to high BP, but @ less risk of CAD than caucasions of same age
    • African-American females @ higher risk for CAD than caucasion females of same age
    • MIs in Asian population in US < frequent than in caucasions, but rates are highter than in otehr countries of origin
    • Family Hx & heredity
    • congenetial defects in walls of coronary artery walls predisposes person to plaque formation
    • familia hyperlipoproteinemia (autosomal trait) - strongly associated with CAD
  4. Most significant risk factors for atherosclerosis
    • 1. Elevated serum lipids
    • 2. Hypertension
    • 3. smoking

    physical inactivity & obesity high too
  5. Modifiable Major Risk Factors
    • Elevated serum lipids
    • Hypertension (r/t smoking, sedentary lifestyle, obesity)
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