1. Hemoglobin is made up of...
    4 subunits of goblin
  2. What happens if individual amino acids (monomers) form together?
    they form a polymer
  3. What is a protein? (2)

    -consists of linked amino acids
  4. What amino acid is replaced when a person has sickle cell?
    glutamate to valine
  5. What can changing an amino acid fo to a protein?
    -change structure and function
  6. Steps to how protein is made? (3)
    1. DNa is read and produces mRNA

    2. mRNA slips out of nucleus and is read by ribosome to produce a protein

    3. ribosome then creates the protein

    ***central dogma
  7. Where does protein synthesis take place?
  8. Where is DNA found?
  9. What is transcription?
    production of mRNA
  10. what is translation?
    synthesis of protein from mRNA
  11. What are the precise parirings where the 2 strands meet called?
    • bases
    •  Image Upload 1(yellow parts)
  12. (DNA helix) what are the arrows called when they point opposite sides?
    anti-paralleled strands
  13. What are the strands made up of?
    deoxyribose sugar
  14. Where is the code for building proteins?
    embedded in DNA
  15. What are the 4 bases of DNA?



  16. What leads to the precision and stability of DNA?
    exact fit between base pairs
  17. (DNA bases) What are the purines? (2)

  18. (DNA bases) Pyrimidines

  19. What happens at each rung of the ladder in DNA helix?
    a purine strand bonds with a pyrimidine strand
  20. In what base do DNA and RNA differ?
    • Dna has thymine and RNA has Uracil
    • *pyrimidines
  21. Why are the DNA bases called bases?
    • they act as a chemical base
    • *sucks up protons
    • **nitrogen groups do it
  22. What forms the back bone of the DNA helix chain? (2)
    deoxyribose and phosphate
  23. What is the difference between ribose and deoxyribose?
    Deoxyribose is missing an O

    Image Upload 2
  24. What is nucleotide?
    is a molecule that has a nitrogenous base, a sugar, and a phosphate

    Image Upload 3
  25. What is a nucleoside?
    a molecule that has a base and sugar but no phosphate group

    Image Upload 4
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