American History

  1. Causes of the Depression
    • stock speculation
    • banks made careless loans
    • businesses produced more than they could sell
    • people borrowed money that they couldnt repay
    • buying on margin
    • uneven prosperity
    • increase in war debts
  2. Causes of the Civil War
    • Slavery
    • Ways of Life
    • Free Labor vs. Slave labor
    • states' Rights
  3. Results of WWI
    • Germany was forced to give up territory
    • Germany's army was reduced
    • Germany had to pay $33 million to damaged countries
    • League of Nations was formed
  4. Causes of WWI
    • Industrial countries of Europe were very competitive
    • Countries formed alliances
    • Assassination of the Archduke
    • Alliances brought many countries into the war
  5. Wilson's 14 Points
    no secret treaties, freedom of the seas, decrease in ALL arms, league of nations

    said germany needed to be helped not punished
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