e&e flight controls

  1. after they are extended, speedbrakes maintain a HOLD position when
    voltage is removed from solenoid 2 of the speedbrake control valve
  2. the disconnect clutch in the stabilizer trim actuator assemble is operated by the
    manual system
  3. takeoff trim indicator lights are used to
    indicate when the ailerons are in the takeoff position
  4. after the stick grip trim selector switch is released, the trim indicator light
    goes out
  5. operating the aileron trim sustem without supplying power to both the electrical and hydraulic system could result in
    damage to the actuator motor adn flex shaft
  6. the two types of wing flaps used on heavy aircraft are
    slotted and fowler
  7. when maximum aileron travel is achieved, the airleron takeoff trim indicator ligths
  8. which stabilizer trim system can be used to shut off the stabilzer trim system?
    stabilizer trim cutout switch
  9. after every two minutes of operation, you should allow the stabilizer trim actuator to cool for
    13 min
  10. what component is use as an emergency means of controlling the aileron trim control circuit?
    auxiliary trim switch
  11. if the speedbrakes are fully open adn the landing gear is down and locked while an aircraft is in fligth, the speedbrakes will be
    at 43 degrees
  12. the aircraft write up states that there is no trim action from either the pilots or co pilots stabilizer trim control switch. you troubleshoot the problem and find voltage and groun at the dtabilizer trim actuator. the most probable cause of this problem is the
    stabilzer trim actuator
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