Science Exams June 3rd

  1. The smaller the _____ of an area is, the higher the amount of solar radiation recived by that area is.
  2. Which change of state requires a release of heat which affects water temperture?
  3. If the land has a high temperature, how does it affect the air above it?
    The land cools the air temperature.
  4. If the Earth wobbles on its axis, it affects_______.
    seasons to be reversed
  5. Two major factorsused to describe climate are ______.
    temperature and precipitation
  6. Which of the following affects the anlge at which the sun's rays hiy Earth?
  7. A _____ in deforestation causes a _____ in carbon dioxide levels.
    increase; decrease
  8. The factors that have the greatest influence on both temperature and precipitation are heat absoprtion and release, _____?
    latitude, and topography
  9. Decreasing the _____, decrease temperature differences between seasons.
    tilt of Earth's axis
  10. Which climate zone has least amount of annual precipitaion across all climate types?
  11. Which continues to absorb solar energy and increase in temperature as long as the sun's rays hit it?
  12. Average land and water temperature at the same latitude vary because of differences in heat loss through?
  13. If the Earth's tilt changes, it affects_______.
    temperature differences between seasons
  14. Tallahassee is located in which specific typeof climate within the mid latiude climate zone?
    Humid subtropical
  15. Over the last 100 years, how much has the average global temperature increased?
    1 degree celsius
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Science Exams June 3rd
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