Georgia History and Politics Exam 1

  1. What 1970's invention spurred SunBelt cities in the South to grow and build high rises?
    Air Conditioning
  2. What new legislation was passed at the time of Jimmy Carter's election to governor in the 1970's?
    The restriction of a 4-year term
  3. Which two Georgians became leaders in getting representation in the House and Senate?
    • Carl Vinson, Congressman
    • Richard Russell, Senator
  4. What were three major milestones in George Busbee's term as governor from 1974-1982?
    • convinced legislature to succeed himself
    • credited with explosion of white-collar businesses in Georgia (1 million new employers)
    • increased state budget to 1 billion
  5. Who had the longest run as Lieutenant Governor?
    Zell Miller (1974-1990)
  6. What was Joe Frank Harris's significance of being elected governor in 1982?
    • He was the first elected governor from north Georgia
    • he revamped the K-12 education
    • he developed an environmental agenda
  7. Name seven reasons why Georgia spiked in population after the 1970's.
    • tax incentives
    • competition with other states
    • property and income taxes were put into infrastructure
    • unions were weak (right-to-work state)
    • ancillary avenues (recreation at local level)
    • sound business community
    • local Democrats didn't follow national Democrats
  8. How did Zell Miller win the gubernatorial election in 1990?
    • he beat Johnny Isackson 
    • took positions and changed his mind "Zig Zag Zell"
    • created Georgia Lottery
    • won Cobb and Gwinnett's votes
  9. Which governor got the state flag changed? Who almost lost their election to the flag debate?
    Roy Barnes (1998); it almost cost Zell Miller his election
  10. As far as bond ratings, what does Georgia rank higher than other states in?
    • Livability Index
    • Teachers' salary
    • GDP
  11. What are the things that a local government can do?
    • tax
    • elect its leaders
    • pass legislation
  12. Name seven things that ALL counties MUST have
    • police
    • fire
    • school system
    • county seat
    • tax commissioner
    • sheriff
    • a government
  13. What are the four duties of a sheriff?
    • In charge of jailing
    • serving warrants
    • protecting the courthouse
    • peace officer
  14. What is the difference between a prison and a jail and what problem does Georgia currently face because of this distinction?
    • A prison is a state facility for felons; a jail is for local offenders and holds people who break state laws; however, the courts system is backed up to where jails are overcrowded with felons in holding until their conviction
  15. What are the four types of county government?
    • County Administrative
    • Traditional County Commission
    • DeKalb County (Elected Executive)
    • Single Member Commission (mostly in North GA)
  16. What things do cities provide?
    • parks
    • sanitation (possibly)
    • local roads
    • lights
    • water (possibly)
    • health department
  17. What is the fourth type of local government and where are the three of these in Georgia?
    The Three Consolidated Governments are in Columbus, Athens, and Augusta.
  18. What are three reasons that cities annex?
    • population growth
    • more tax reveue
    • vacant, barren land to build on that can be bought cheap
  19. Where is the only consolidated school system in Georgia?
  20. Where do local governments get their money?
    • property taxes (largest source of revenue)
    • sales taxes
    • special taxes (LOST)
  21. Who is the preside r of the House and Senate?
    • Speaker - House
    • Lieutenant Governor- Senate
  22. How do bills become law?
    • They have to pass in both the House and Senate
    • Sent to Governor to pass into law
    • Local bills must be passed in a certain location (need 91 votes to pass)
  23. What are the two types of Resolutions?
    • Constitutional Amendment- 2/3 vote needed to pass
    • Housekeeping/Privilege- study committee or praise to someone
  24. What are the two ways that a bill can be changed?
    • Amendment- extra sentence
    • Substitute- many changes
  25. What are the three types of courts?
    • Supreme Court- chief court of seven elected judges
    • Court of Appeals- 9 elected judges that argue law cases over three districts
    • Trial Court- start of any judicial process; argues facts
  26. What are the two types of trial cases?
    • Civil- handles disputes between two parties (no State involved)
    • Criminal- laws against society; prosecuted by State
  27. What are the two types of criminal law?
    • Misdemeanor- jail time under one year; presidied over by Solicitor; tried in State court
    • Felony- jail time over one year; Superior Court
  28. Who is the presiding officer in the Judicial Court and what does he do?
    District Attorney (elected every 4 years partisan; he puts together the grand jury
  29. What all does the Governor do?
    • appoints ALL local and State judges
    • Appoints power and Boards
    • starts debate on and sets budget
    • sign, vetos, and line-item vetos bills
    • "Face of the State"
    • sets agenda for the State
    • represents State when negotiating with other States
  30. What are the three types of issues the Governor has to deal with?
    • Perennial- issues that come up every year (MUST HANDLE) (ex. budget, education, transportation, Medicaid, unemployment, clean air and water
    • Transitory- arrives every so often (opposite of perennial ex. Gay marriage, water wars, drought, abortion, flag, Dome financing)
    • Cyclical- come around periodically, hangs around for a while, and goes away (ex. immigration)
  31. Why didn't Roy Barnes get elected to a second term?
    He treated a Silical issue (flag) as if it were a Perennial issue
  32. What does the Secretary of State do?
    • keeps us out of war
    • elections
    • licensing of corporations
    • joint secretary office
    • boxing commission
    • conceals State seal 
    • Archives Division
  33. Which elected Executive is in charge of regulating companies and their policies?
    Insurance Commissioner
  34. What is the Education Superintendent in charge of?
    • State Department of Education (K-12)
    • certifying teachers
    • educational standards
    • certifying salary
  35. Which is the only Executive Department that has a board?
  36. Which offices are appointed in the Exec. Branch?
    • Department of Natural Resources
    • Community Affairs
    • Health and Human Services
    • Community Health
    • Behavioral Health
    • National Guard
    • Transportation
    • Board of Regents
  37. What does the Public Service Commission do?
    • regulates utilities (electricity, natural gas, landlines) to keep monopolies
    • set utility rates of utility companies
    • set out areas you can operate
    • regulate interstate commerce
  38. What does EMC stand for?
    Electric Membership Corporation
  39. Name the Georgia Governors from 1955 to today.
    • Marvin Griffin ('55-'59)
    • Ernest Vandiver ('59-'63)
    • Carl Sanders ('63-'67)
    • Lester Maddox ('67-'71)
    • Jimmy Carter ('71-'75)
    • George Busbee ('75-'83)
    • Joe Frank Harris ('83-'91)
    • Zell Miller ('91-'99)
    • Roy Barnes ('99-'03)
    • Sonny Perdue ('03-'11)
    • Nathan Deal ('11- )
  40. Who is the most powerful and most high-ranking State Senator?
    Senator Pro Tempt
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