Chapter 15

  1. injury
    physical damage to the body resulting from mechanical, chemical, thermal, or other environmental energy
  2. unintentional injury
    an injury that occurred without anyone intending that harm be done
  3. intentional injury
    an injury that is purposely inflicted, either by the victim or by another
  4. injury prevention (control)
    an organized effort to prevent injuries or to minimize their severity
  5. unsafe act
    any behavior that would increase the probability of an injury occurring
  6. unsafe condition
    any environmental factor or set of factors (physical or social) that would increase the probability of an injury occurring
  7. hazard
    an unsafe act or condition
  8. fatal injury
    an injury that results in one or more deaths
  9. disabling injury
    an injury causing any restriction of normal activity beyond the day of the injury's occurrence
  10. model for unintentional injuries
    the public health triangle (host, agent, and environment) modified to indicate energy as the causative agent of injuries
  11. injury prevention education
    the process of changing people's health-directed behavior so as to reduce unintentional injuries
  12. regulation
    the enactment and enforcement of laws to control conduct
  13. automatic (passive) protection
    the modification of a product or environment so as to reduce unintentional injuries
  14. litigation
    the process of seeking justice for injury through courts
  15. family violence
    the use of physical force by one family member against another, with intent to hurt, injure, or cause death
  16. child maltreatment
    an act or failure to act by a parent, caretaker, or other person as defined under state law that results in physical abuse, neglect  medical neglect, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or an act or failure to act that presents an imminent risk of serious harm to a child
  17. child abuse
    the intentional physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual mistreatment of a minor
  18. child neglect
    the failure of a parent or guardian to care for or otherwise provide the necessary subsistence for a child
  19. intimate partner violence (IPV)
    rape, physical assault, or stalking perpetrated by current or former dates, spouses, or cohabiting partners
  20. youth gang
    an association of peers, bound by mutual interests and identifiable lines of authority, whose acts generally include illegal activity and control over a territory or an enterprise
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