Volume 5

  1. A gaseous nitrogen charge is added to a liquid fire extinguishing agent in order to?
    Expel the agent from the bottle
  2. What component holds both a liquid agent and a nitrogen charge in a liquid-agent fire extinguishing container?
    Frangible disc
  3. In a liquid-agent fire extinguisher container, why is the frangible disc undercut into pie shaped sections?
    To break cleanly into large pieces
  4. What is the purpose of a time delay relay that is used on some liquid-agent fire extinguishing systems?
    To position the valves
  5. BANK #2 in a two-shot liquid-agent fire extinguishing system failed to discharge, while BANK #1 discharged normally. The most probably cause of this malfunction is what type of faulty switch?
    Discharge selector
  6. When depressed, which switch on a T-handle fire extinguishing system completes the circut to the squib?
    Agent discharge switch
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