Leifer Test 1

  1. The anterior pituitary gland in response of the hypothalamus secretes
    • FSH - Follicle Stimulating Hormone
    • LH - Luteinizing Hormones
  2. The beginning of menstruation is called at age 11-15
  3. Climacteric
    Period of years during which woman's ability to reproduce gradually decrease
  4. Final menstrual period
  5. Milk is stored in widened areas of the ducts called
    Ampullae / Lactiferous Sinus
  6. Each breast is made up of
    15-24 lobes
  7. Breast Lobes are seperated by
    Adipose & Fibrous tissue
  8. Cowper's gland
    It is also known as the bulbourethral gland the secretion of these glands Nourish the sperm, Protect the sperm from acidic environment and enhance the movement of sperm.
  9. One body cell contains 46 chromosomes made up of
    • 22 pair of autosomes
    • 1 pair of sex chromosome.
  10. Mitosis
    It is a continuous process by which the body grows and develops and dead body cells are replaced.
  11. Diploid
    46 chromosomes in a body cell
  12. The process of mitosis in the sperm is called
    • (4 sperm develops one spermatocyte)
    • Spermatogenisis
  13. The process of mitosis in the ovum is called
    • (one ovum develops with 23 chromosome)
    • Oogenesis
  14. Meiosis
    The reproductive cells undergoes two sequential divisions
  15. Haploid
    23 chromosomes (half) in a body cells
  16. Gametogenesis
    Development of gametes; oogenesis or spermatogenesis
  17. Ovum is estimated to survive __ hrs after ovulation
  18. Sperm can stay active for ___ days after ejaculation
  19. Zygote
    cell formed by the union of sperm & ovum
  20. Decidua
    The endometrium or lining of the uterus and the tissue around the ectopically located fertilized ovum
  21. Vernix
    Fetal skin covering (white substance on baby)
  22. Lanugo
    Fetal hair on skin
  23. Quantity of amniotic fluid
    • 30 ml in 10 weeks
    • 350 ml in 20 weeks
    • 1000 ml in 37 week
  24. Yolk Sac
    Initiates production of RBC in embryonic life & it degenerates after 6 weeks
  25. Layers of primary germ layer
    • Ectoderm
    • Mesoderm
    • Endoderm
  26. Outer layer of skin, Oil glands, Hair, Nails, External sense organ, Mucous membrane of mouth & anus is formed from
  27. True skin, Skeleton bone cartilage, Muscles, Blood & blood vessels, Kidneys & Gonades are formed from
  28. Lining of trachea, pharynx, bronchi, lining of digestive tract, lining of bladder and urethra are formed from
  29. Development milestone in fetal growth
    • Zygote - 0 - 1 weeks
    • Embryo - 2 to 8 weeks
    • Fetus - 9 to birth
  30. Heart begins to pump in ___ weeks
    3rd week
  31. Age of viability
    20 weeks
  32. Neural tube defects can be prevented by taking
    Folic Acid
  33. By ___ week of gestation ovaries & testes develop beginning of all systems and movement of extremities begins
    8 week
  34. By ___ weeks genitalia are visible to ultrasound examination
    10th week
  35. Fetus are considered full term by
    38 - 40 Weeks
  36. ___ carry instructions for dominant & recessive traits
  37. Guidelines that define multidisciplinary patient care in terms of expected outcome and timeframe are known as
    Clinical Pathway
  38. The nurse is assisting with pelvic inlet measurements on a pregnant woman. Which measurement provides information about whether or not the woman can deliver vaginally?
    Obstetrical conjugate
  39. At what point in gestation does the embryo enter the third stage of prenatal development
    9th Week
  40. The nurse is assessing the fetal heart rate on a woman who is 37 weeks pregnant. The nurse would expect to find the rate to be in the range of
    120 - 160 beats/minute
  41. The embryonic membrane that contains finger-like projections on its surface is called the
  42. A woman's prepregnant weight is average for her height. The nurse would advise the woman that her recommended weight gain during pregnancy would be
    25-35 Pound
  43. A woman who is 25 weeks pregnant asks what her fetus looks like. The nurse bases her response on the understanding that one physical characteristic present in a 25-week fetus is
    Lanugo covering the body
  44. A woman pregnant for the first time asks the nurse, "When will I begin to feel the baby move?" The nurse would answer
    4th to 5th month
  45. The total number of chromosomes contained in a mature sperm or ovum is
  46. During an ultrasound, two amnions and two placentas are observed. The nurse is aware that this pregnancy will result in
    Dizygotic Twins
  47. The decrease in estrogen and progesterone during the menstrual cycle is responsible for
    Shedding of the endometrium
  48. The earliest point in gestation when the fetal heart begins pumping blood through its main vessels is at the
    End of week 4
  49. The individual who advocated the establishment of the Children's Bureau was
    Lillian Wald
  50. A woman missed her menstrual period one week ago and has come to the doctor's office for a pregnancy test. The nurse knows that the placental hormone measured in pregnancy tests is
    Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
  51. Current maternity practices focus on
    A quality family experience for each patient
  52. When the embryonic tissue from a single egg splits to form two individual with its own amnion. But the chorion, placenta and some placental vessels are shared
  53. Many twins are born prematurely because
    The uterus become overly distended and the placenta may not be able to supply sufficient nutrition to both fetus
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