Chapter 3 Quiz

  1. Which of the following would be classified as a voluntary lien?

    A) Trust Deed
    B) Attachment
    C) Tax Assessment
    D) Mechanic's Lien
    Trust Deed
  2. An abstract of Judgment that is recorded becomes:

    A) A specific Lien
    B) An easement on the property of the debtor
    C) a general lien on all real property of the defendant in the county where it is recorded
    D) A voluntary lien on all of the property involved
    A general lien on all real property of the defendant in the county where it is recorded
  3. The legal seizure of property which is to be held for payment of money pending the outcome of a suit to enforce collection of a debt is called

    A) A writ of execution
    B) An attachment
    C) A Judgment
    D) A lis pendens
  4. A restriction placed in a grant deed that is classified as a "condition" usually carries a:

    A) Right of Remainder
    B) Right of exchange
    C) Forfeiture Clause
    D) Release Clause
    Forfeiture Clause
  5. C.C. & R's. are most often found in which of the following documents?

    A) Judgment
    B) Deed
    C) Exclusive right to sell
    D) Acknowledgement
  6. The right of a public utility company to string wires overhead so it can furnish electrical power to a new subdivision would be classified as:

    A) An appurtenantĀ 
    B) An easement in gross
    C) An electrical easement
    D) A public easement
    easement in gross
  7. The Standard Form policy of title insurance does not protect against loss resulting from:

    A) Encroachments
    B) Liens and encumbrances of record
    C) Lack of capacity of the grantor
    D) Forgery in the chain of title
  8. A homestead protects against a judgment by an unsecured credtitor if the judgment:

    A) Is a result of a trust deed foreclosure
    B) Was recorded before the acquisition of the homesteaded property
    C) Was awarded by the court after the homestead was recorded
    D) Results from unpaid taxes
    Was awarded by the court after the homestead was recorded
  9. Once a notice of completion has been recorded by the owner, the right of an original contractor to file a mechanic's lien expires in:

    A) 10 days
    B) 30 days
    C) 60 Days
    D) 90 days
    60 days
  10. When Real Property is subject to a lien it is said to be:

    A) Leased
    B) Alienated
    C) Encumbered
    D) Appropriated
  11. The most effective way for buyers to protect themselves from losing their right of ownership to land is to:

    A) Take physical possession of the property
    B) Obtain a policy of title insurance
    C) Record the deed
    D) Record a Homestead
    Obtain a policy of title insurance
  12. Rates for title insurance are set by the:

    A) Department of Real Estate
    B) Corporations Commissioner
    C) Title insurance company
    D) Department of Insurance
    Title insurance company
  13. An order by a court directing real property to be sold to satisfy a lien is called:

    A) An abstract of judgment
    B) A writ of execution
    C) A deficiency Judgment
    D) an injunction
    writ of execution
  14. After the court has rendered a judgment, the instrument that is recorded that creates a lien is:

    A) A writ of attachment
    B) A Release
    C) A Writ of Execution
    D) An abstract of Judgment
    Abstract of Judgment
  15. Once an abstract of judgment is recorded it remains a lien for:

    A) One year
    B) Three Years
    C) Five years
    D) Ten Years
    10 years
  16. An easement acquired by a deed may be terminated by any of the following ways except by:

    A) Adverse possession
    B) Non-use for ten consecutive years
    C) A grant deed
    D) Express release
    none-use for ten consecutive years
  17. A "title plant" in relation to real estate records is:

    A) A false document that was recorded to give wrong information
    B) An accumulation of various recorded documents
    C) The same as a Final subdivision report
    D) A policy of title insurance
    An accumulation of various recorded documents
  18. The terms "ingress" and "egress" usually pertain to:

    A) Title Insurance
    B) Liens
    C) Easement
    D) Condemnation
  19. An easement by prescription would most likely be created by:

    A) Eminent Domain
    B) Duress or undue influence
    C) Open and notorious use over a long period of time
    D) Filing a homestead on government land
    Open and notorious use over a long period of time
  20. A homestead offers no protection against:

    A) Mechanic's lien
    B) Real property Taxes
    C) Prior recorded liens
    D) Any of the preceding
    Any of the preceding
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