Tissues: Epithelial

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  1. What is a tissue? What are the four?
    • TISSUE:  An integrated group of cells with a common structure and function
    • Four Major tissue types:
    •           Epithelia
    •           Connective
    •           Muscle
    •           Nervous
  2. Epithelial tissues
    • Covers or lines organs
    • Avascular
    • Always has a free (unattached) surface - apical
    • Basal surface in contact with basement membrane
    • Basement Membrane
  3. What is a basement membrane?
    Basement Membrane:  an cellular material made by the epithelium above it and the connective tissue below it --- it anchors the epithelium to underlying tissue
  4. Classifactions of epithelia?
    • According to number of layers
    •           simple -- one cell layer thick
    •           stratified -- two or more cell layers thick
    • According to cell shape
    •            squamous (flattened)
    •            cuboidal
    •            columnar
  5. function and location of simple squamous
    • Functions in diffusion and filtration
    • Locations:
    • Walls of capillaries (endothelium)
    • Serous membranes (mesothelium)
    • Alveoli
  6. function and location of simple cuboidal
    • Functions in secretion and absorption
    • Locations:
    • Renal tubules
    • Glands
    • Lower parts of respiratory tree
  7. Simple columnar
    functions and locations
    • Functions in secretion (including mucous) and absorption
    • If ciliated -- involved in movement of materials
    • Locations:
    • Digestive tract
    • Glands
  8. pseudostratified columnar
    function and location
    • Functions in protection, mucous secretion and movement of materials
    • Location:
    • Upper respiratory tract
  9. Stratified Squamous
    functions and location
    • Functions in protection of underlying tissues
    • Locations:
    • Moist:  lining mouth, parts of pharynx, larynx and esophagus
    • Keratinized:  epidermis of skin
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