Agro 105 Lab Quiz #3

  1. What are the two flower functions?
    Act as reproductive structures, and attract pollinators
  2. Calyx
    collective term for the sepals
  3. Sepals
    leaf-like structures enclosing the outer part of the flower
  4. Corolla
    collective term for all flower petals
  5. Petals
    colorful part of the flower
  6. Stamen
    Male reproductive part of the flower
  7. Anther
    Pollen producing and bearing structure
  8. Filament
    stalk of the anther
  9. Pistil
    Female reproductive part of the flower
  10. Stigma
    In charge of pollen reception
  11. Style
    Stalk of stigma
  12. Ovary
    contains ovules
  13. Receptacle
    All flower parts attach here
  14. Pedicel
    stalk of the flower attaches to stem of the plant
  15. Complete Flower
    Contains all four parts
  16. Incomplete Flower
    missing at least one of the four parts
  17. Perfect flower
    Contains both pistil and stamen on the same flower
  18. Imperfect Flower
    stamen and pistil on seperate flowers
  19. Monoecious plant
    Separate male (staminate) and seperate female (pistilate) on same plant, ex:corn
  20. Dioecious plant
    Male and female on separate plants, ex:buffalo grass
  21. Inflorescense
    a flower bearing branch
  22. Spikelet
    basic unit of inflorescense
  23. Central Axis
    stem where spikelets are attached
  24. Pedicel
    supporting stalk of the inflorescence
  25. Peduncle
    stem portion of the inflorescence
  26. Spike
    Spikelet is attached directly to central axis - wheat,barley,rye
  27. Raceme
    Spikelet is attached to central axis by a short stalk - millet
  28. Panicle
    Branched central axis - oats, sudan
  29. Glumes
    Two modified leaves that; envelope spikelet and serves as protection
  30. Floret
    An individual flower within the spikelets
  31. Bracts
    Modified leaves enclosing individual florets
  32. Palea
    Upper bract - protects the flower
  33. Lemma
    Lower bract - toward the outside
  34. Annual
    One generation/year
  35. Perennials
    Plants that live more than two years
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