Unit 10 Vocabulary 2 Great Depression (Chapters 22 and 23)

  1. Credit
    a buyer pays later for purchase
  2. Speculation
    an involvemnet in risky business transactions in an effor to make a quick or large profit
  3. Buying on margin
    the purchasing of stocks by paying only a small 1/2 of the price and borrowing the rest
  4. Black Tuesday
    A name given to october 29, 1929 when stock prices fell sharply
  5. Great Depression
    when the US economy was in severe decline and millions of americans were unemployed
  6. Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act
    A law that established the highest protective tariff in US history
  7. Shantytown
    a neighborhood in which people live in makeshift shacks
  8. Dust Bowl
    The region that was made worthless for farming by drought and dust storms during the 1930's
  9. Direct Relief
    the giving of money or food by the government directly to needy people
  10. Herbert Hoover
    president, tried to reassure americans that the nation's economy was on a sound of footing
  11. reconstruction finance cooperation
    an acency established to provide emergency financing to banks and other large businesses
  12. Bonus Army
    WWI vertans and their families demanding a bonus payment they were promised for their service
  13. FDR
    current president and former governor of New York, reform-minded leader, worked to combat the problems of poverty and unemployment, had a "can-do" attitide
  14. New Deal
    FDR's program to alleviate the problems of the Great depression
  15. Federal Securities act
    required cooperations to provide complete information on all stock offerings
  16. agricultural adjustment act
    to raise crop prices by paying farmers to leave a certain amount of their land unplanted, thus lowering productions
  17. civilian conservation corps
    put young unemployed men to work building roads, developing parks, planting trees
  18. deficit speding
    a government's spending of more moeny than it recieves in revenue
  19. huey long
    senator from Louisianna who turned against Roosevelt, wanted to win presidency, proposed the "share our wealth" program
  20. Elenor roosevelt
    social reformer, humanitarian, and first lady of FDR
  21. Works progress administration
    2nd new deal; provided the unemployed with jobs in construction, garment making, teaching, the arts
  22. wagner act
    protect worker's rights
  23. social security act
    provide aid to retirees, unemployed people with disabilities, and families with dependent children
  24. federal deposit insurance cooperation
    agency created in 1933 to insure individual bank accounts, protecting laws regulating people's funds against bank failures
  25. securities and exchange commission
    agency created in 1934 that monitors the stock market and enforces laws regulating sale of stocks and bonds
  26. tennesse valley authority
    agency created in 1933 to build dams and power plants, and prevent floods in the Tennesse valley region
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