AP Bio- Digestive System

  1. What is the first organism used when going through the digestive system?
    The mouth
  2. Name the parts of the mouth
    • 3 Parts:
    • Tongue: makes food into bolus
    • Teeth: 1) Incisors- cut 2) K-9- tear and rip 3) premolar- grind
    • Salivary Glands: make saliva
  3. What enzyme makes saliva?
    salivary amylase or amylase
  4. what is the concentration of your mouth?
  5. what do salivary amylase do?
    break down disaccharide
  6. what is another name for the pre-molar teeth?
    bicuspid/ molar grind
  7. What is the second place in which the digestive system goes through
  8. what is the pharynx
    • a passage way
    • also known as the throat
  9. what does the epiglottis do
    covers the trachea to prevent food or drink to go down wind pipe
  10. what is the 3rd step in the digestive system
  11. what does the esophagus do
    • it is a tube that leads from pharynx down to stomach 
    • no enzymes involved
    • does paristosalis
  12. what is paristosalis
    a wavelike motion in the esophagus that pushes the food down
  13. what is the fourth thing in the digestive system?
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