1. RO
    Reactor officer or reactor operator
  2. REA and responsibility?
    • Reactor electrical assistant
    • Responsible to the RO for reactor protection and indications and electrical distribution system
  3. MPA and responsibility
    • Main propulsion assistant
    • Ensures continuous operation of the main engines, SSTGs, and distilling units
  4. CRA and responsibility?
    • Chemistry and radcon assistant
    • Responsible to the RO for the proper water chemistry in the propulsion spaces and to supervise radiation controls
  5. EOOW
    Engineering officer of the watch
  6. PPWO
    Propulsion plant watch officer
  7. What is the EOS and what does it do?
    • Enclosed operating station.
    • Main control station for each power plant
  8. How many EOSs are there and where are they located?
    • 2
    • One on 4th deck port
    • One on 4th deck starboard
  9. Define RAR and how many are there?
    Reactor auxiliaries room. 2
  10. Define DIW
    • Dead in water.
    • Both reactors down causing lack of propulsion
  11. What does reactor critical mean?
    It's at a constant power level and is in good operating condition
  12. What is reactor scram?
    An emergency rapid shutdown of the reactor
  13. What does TLD stand for and what is it used for?
    • Thermal luminescent dosimeter.
    • Measures exposure to radiation
  14. What is ORSE?
    • Operational reactor safeguards examination
    • Used to test the crews ability to operate the reactors
  15. What is an MMR?
    Main machinery room
  16. How many engines are on the ship? Where are the located?
    • 4; each controlled by
    • Throttleman
    • #1 & #4 in #1 MMR
    • #2 & #3 in #2 MMR
  17. How many reactors do we have onboard Nimitz?
  18. What are the purposes of the reactor?
    • Propulsion
    • Electricity
    • Steam for catapults
  19. What was the first nuclear powered vessel?
    USS Nautilus (sub)
  20. Who is the father of naval nuclear power?
    Admiral hyman Rickover
  21. What was the first nuclear powered surface ship?
    USS Long beach
  22. What was the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier?
    USS enterprise; 8 reactors
  23. What us the fuel used for our reactors?
    Enriched uranium-235
  24. What type of reactor design is used in navy nuclear power plants?
    Pressurized water (there is no boiling)
  25. What type of distilling units do we use? Where are they located?
    • 6 stage, flash type.
    • 100k gallons per day
    • #1 & #2 in #1 MMR
    • #3 & #4 in #2 MMR
  26. Define SSTG an where are they located?
    • Ships service turbine generator.
    • Used to power electrical loads underway
    • We have 4 total
    • #1 & #2 in #1 MMR
    • #3 & #4 in #2 MMR
  27. What are the CTGs used for? Where are they located?
    • Coolant turbine generators.
    • Used to only supply power to the reactor coolant pumps
    • 2 in each RAR
  28. Name 3 watches in DC central.
    • EOOW
    • Load dispatcher
    • Water control watch
  29. What is the purpose of the main reduction gear?
    Reduces the RPMs of the main engine to a usable speed by the ships propellers
  30. Who makes our reactors?
  31. Who was the second nuclear powered carrier?
    USS nimitz
  32. What is the purpose of the reboiler system, how many are there, and where are they located?
    • Provides steam to the ship for hot water heaters, sculleries, etc
    • 2 total
    • #1 - 1A shaft alley
    • #2 - 4B shaft alley
  33. How many HPACs do we have and where are they located?
    • 12 total
    • 2 in each MMR
    • 4 in each O2N2
  34. How many ships service air compressors are onboard and where are they located?
    • 3
    • 1 in #2 RAR
    • 1 in each MMR
  35. What is the purpose of the control air system and where are the compressors located?
    • Control air is used to operate automatic valves in the propulsion plants
    • 1 in each RAR
    • 1 in each MMR
    • 4 total
  36. What is the allocated amount of water per person per day?
    35 gallons per day
  37. What is an EDG and the primary and secondary purposes?
    • Emergency diesel generators
    • Primary - used to power the reactor fill system in the event of a major reactor accident
    • Secondary - use to power the ships vital loads during casualties affecting the ships electrical system
  38. Define CTG and its purpose?
    • Coolant turbine generator
    • Supplies power to the reactor coolant pumps
  39. What is the difference between SSTGs and CTGs?
    • SSTGs supply power to the ships electrical system
    • CTGs are specifically for reactor coolant pumps
  40. What are EPCPs and where are they located?
    • Electric plant control panels
    • Located in switch gear in #1 & #2 MMRs
  41. Name 3 watches in the EOS.
    (Late PRT)
    • Log recorder
    • PPWO
    • Reactor operator
    • Throttleman
  42. Name 4 watches in the MMR
    • Machinery electrician
    • Upper/Lower level
    • Electrical operator
    • Ships generator
    • Distilling unit
    • Chief machinery operator
    • Shaft alley patrol
  43. Name 4 watches in the RAR.
    • Chief reactor watch
    • Coolant generator
    • Charging station
    • Feed pumps
    • Feed control
    • Instrument watch
    • Reactor auxiliaries watch
  44. RMA and responsibility?
    • Reactor mechanical assistant
    • Responsible for the proper operation of the reactor coolant system, steam generators and all auxiliary equipment required to operate these systems
  45. What is the purpose if the main thrust bearing?
    Transmits the thrust of the movement of the propeller in the water to the hull of the ship thereby moving the ship
  46. Which shaft alley are the shaft seals located in?
    The associated "C" section
  47. What is the purpose if the guard valve?
    To secure all steam to the main engine in the event of a casualty
  48. What is meant by the term "cross-connected steam plants?"
    When the main steam system is being supplied from one reactor plant to operate both plants equipment
  49. Which is more reliable? Cross-connected or split? Why?
    Split - a casualty in one plant won't affect the other
  50. What is a trailing shaft?
    No steam applied to the main engine and the shaft spins with the way of the ship
  51. What is a locked shaft?
    No steam applied to the main engine and the shaft is locked with the jacking gear to prevent the shaft from spinning
  52. What are three advantages of nuclear powered ships over conventional?
    • Longer endurance
    • Room for ammo/fuel
    • Higher sustainable speeds
  53. Who is our RO?
    CAPT McCartney
  54. What does PCC stand for?
    Propulsion control console
  55. What does MTT stand for? Purpose?
    • Nuclear propulsion mobile training team
    • AIRPAC training teams helps in prep for ORSE
  56. Name 3 components in MMR
    • Main engines
    • Reduction gears
    • Distilling units
    • SSTGs
    • HPACS
    • SSAC
    • CAC
  57. Name 3 components in RAR
    • RX
    • Coolant pumps
    • Pressurizer
    • CTGs
    • DFT
    • Main feed pumps
    • Main feed booster
    • SSAC
    • CAC
  58. Where is #1 RAR located?
    Just aft of fwd mess decks (7th deck)
  59. Where is #1 MMR located?
    Just below DCC (7th deck)
  60. Where is #2 RAR located?
    Aft mess decks even w/ salad bar (7th deck)
  61. Where is #2 MMR located?
    Aft mess decks chow line (7th deck)
  62. Where is the general location of 1A and 4B shaft alleys?
    Aft mess decks, port and stbd near the machines and 1st class mess
  63. Name loads off the steam reboilers?
    • Laundry
    • DU
    • Catapults
    • Galley
  64. What is the purpose of the shaft seals?
    Prevent sea water from coming into the ship through where the shaft penetrates the hull
  65. How many DUs are there?
    2 per plant
  66. Where are the DUs located?
    MMR upper level
  67. What are the two purposes for water we make w/ DUs?
    • Water treatment
    • Potable water
  68. What is PWP? How many do we have?
    • Potable water pump
    • 2 per plant
  69. Which SSTGs can be used for operating coolant pumps?
    2 and 4
  70. Where are the EDGs located? What fuel do they use?
    • 1 & 2 - fwd EDG room
    • 3 & 4 - aft EDG room
    • JP-5
  71. What is the purpose of the main condenser?
    Condenses all steam from the main engine turbine
  72. What is the purpose of the DFT?
    Keeps gasses out of the secondary water
  73. Name 2 components of the primary loop.
    • RX
    • Steam generator
    • Reactor coolant pump
  74. Name 2 components on the secondary loop
    • Steam generator
    • Feed pumps
    • DFT
    • SSTG
    • CTG
    • Condenser
  75. HPAC air supply
    3500 - 4200 PSI
  76. SSAC supply
    110 - 125 PSI
  77. CAC supply
    70 - 85 PSI
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