1. What does CATCC stand for? It's purpose?
    • Carrier air traffic control center
    • Keeps control of all airborne aircraft under the operations officers cognizance except those being controlled by CIC
  2. What does CDC stand for?
    Combat direction center
  3. What does CVIC stand for?
    Carrier intelligence center
  4. What is the TACAN? Where is it located?
    • Tactical air navigation.
    • Allows the aircraft to dial in a frequency and use it as a homing beacon back to the ship
    • 2nd highest point on the mast
  5. What are the 5 rates that comprise the operations department?
    • OS
    • IS
    • CT
    • AC
    • AG
  6. What is the TAO and what does he or she do?
    • Tactical action officer.
    • Granted weapons release authority by the CO and is in charge of the ships self defense
  7. Who is at the top of the operations chain of command and what does he do?
    OPSO - plan, coordinate and schedule operations of the ship and aircraft for logistics services
  8. Who is our OPSO?
    CDR Sidbury
  9. What is the basic flow function of CDC?
    • Gather
    • Process
    • Display
    • Evaluate
    • Disseminate
    • Control/assist
  10. What does ASTAB stand for?
    Automated status board
  11. What is EMCON and what is its purpose?
    • Emissions control
    • To eliminate or reduce electronic emissions from the ship
  12. What is METOC?
    • Meteorology and oceanography (AGs)
    • Provides weather information that can effect flight ops
  13. What is the purpose if data links?
    To share information
  14. Nickname for data link: 4A
  15. Nickname for data link: 11
  16. Nickname for data link: 16
  17. Nickname for data link: 14
  18. What does MIO stand for? What is it?
    • Maritime interdiction operation
    • Operations designed to impose restrictive maritime sanctions on designated countries
  19. What does NEO stand for? What is it?
    • Non-combat evacuation operation
    • Quick, safe, and timely removal of US forces from designated areas of responsibility
  20. What is the difference between oprep3 pinnacle and navy blue?
    • Pinnacle is national interest
    • Navy blue is navy interest
  21. What does CART stand for?
    Command assessment of readiness and training
  22. What does TSTA stand for?
    Tailored ships training availability
  23. What is an OPLAN and what's in it?
    • Operational plan
    • A plan for conducting military operations
  24. What is an OPTASK and what's in it?
    • Operational tasking
    • Policies made by warfare commanders that outline intentions, responses, and procedures in the event of specific evolutions
  25. What is USW?
    • Undersea warfare
    • Seek and destroy enemy submarines
  26. What does ASTAC stand for?
    Anti-submarine tactical air controller
  27. Where is the TAO located?
    CDC back row center
  28. Where is CDC
  29. Where is the heart of the ships intelligence?
  30. What is Gertrude/WQC-2?
    Underwater telephone, allows us to talk with subs
  31. What are the 6 warfare areas?
    • Air warfare
    • Surface warfare
    • Undersea warfare
    • C2W
    • Amphibious warfare
    • Mine warfare
  32. What is NIXIE used for? Where is it located?
    • Torpedo countermeasure
    • Fantail - port and starboard
  33. What types of torpedoes does NIXIE combat?
    • Wake homing
    • Acoustic homing
  34. What is the mission of SLQ-32 and how many antennas do we have?
    • Anti-ships missile defense
    • 2 antennas
  35. What is ES?
    Electronic support - search, intercept, exploit enemy electronic emissions
  36. What is EA?
    Electronic attack - prevent or reduce the enemies ability to use electromagnetic spectrum for command and control
  37. What is EP?
    Electronic protect - retain effective use of own EM spectrum for command and control comms system
  38. What is confidential's color?
  39. What is the primary mission of CIC/CDC? What primary rate works there?
    • To provide tactical information and intel to command and control stations
    • OS
  40. What is the secondary purpose of CDC?
    Control and assist
  41. What are some ways we gather information?
    • Radars
    • Lookouts
    • ES
    • Intel
    • Aircraft
  42. Responsibility of the CDCWO?
    Acts as an assistant TAO and is responsible for the coordination of all CDC functions
  43. What is the purpose of CVIC? Primary rate?
    • Responsible for providing intel for warfare commanders
    • IS
  44. What is the purpose of strike?
    Designed to destroy a specific target at a known location
  45. Basic phase in a ships training?
    • Basic C2
    • Weapons employment
    • Mobility
    • Warfare specialty
  46. What does CART provide?
    On the spot training for discrepancies
  47. What is the purpose of TSTA?
    Developed to focus on integrated training teams
  48. What do you do if you hear beadwindow 3x on the net?
    Roger, out
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