1. What is hot fueling?
    Refueling with engines on
  2. What is cold fueling?
    Refueling with engines off
  3. What are the 3 main purposes of flight deck markings?
    • Emergency situations
    • Locate firefighting equipment
    • Designate dangerous area
  4. What are the colors of the flight deck status lights?
    • Red - closed deck/ foul deck
    • Green - launch and recovery / clear deck
    • Amber - engage/ disengage rotors
  5. Define IFLOLS
    Improved fresnal lens optical landing system
  6. How many catapults are on Nimitz?
  7. Define JBD.
    Jet blast deflector - directs plane exhaust/heat up and away from personnel and equipment
  8. How many types of barricades do we have?
    • 2
    • Ready jet
    • E2/C2 - hawkeye. Also used for drills
  9. How many arresting gear wires are there?
  10. What is tilly, it's purpose and where it's located?
    Mobile crash crane. (NS-60) Used to move damaged aircraft from landing area; aft of the island
  11. What is the purpose of the air boss?
    Responsible for launches and recoveries
  12. What is the responsibility of the mini boss?
    Assistant to the air boss
  13. What is the responsibility of the handler?
    Directs movement/placement of aircraft around the flight deck and hangar bay
  14. Green shirts
    • Arresting gear
    • Catapult
    • Maintenance personnel
  15. Yellow shirts
    • Directors
    • Flight deck officers
    • Catapult/arresting gear officer
  16. Purple shirts
  17. Red shirts
    • EOD
    • crash and salvage
  18. White shirts
    • QA
    • LSO
    • ATO
  19. White w/ green cross
  20. White w/ Red Cross
  21. Brown shirts
    Plane captains
  22. Blue shirts
    • Plane handlers
    • Tractor drivers
    • Elevator operators
    • Chalks and chains
  23. What powers the catapults?
  24. What is the plane guard?
    During flight ops a helicopter positions itself behind the ship in case of a downed aircraft or man overboard
  25. How long is the flight deck?
    1092 feet
  26. What is the purpose of the barricade?
    Used for emergency arrestment of aircraft which cannot make a normal landing
  27. What is he purpose of the A/S32P-25? What's it equipped with?
    • Fire fighting truck to fight fires
    • 375 gallons of AFFF
    • 400 LBS of halon
  28. What is the purpose of crash and salvage?
    Fight fires and rescue personnel during a casualty
  29. What is the function of AIMD?
    • Aircraft intermediate maintenance department
    • Responsible for all intermediate level maintenance on all embarked aircraft
  30. What are the flight deck markings for saltwater?
    18" red stripe w/ yellow "W"
  31. What are the flight deck markings for AFFF?
    18" green stripe w/ white "AFFF"
  32. What are the flight deck markings for steam?
    18" black stripe w/ white "STEAM"
  33. What are the flight deck markings for CO2?
    12" red stripe w/ white "CO2"
  34. What are the flight deck markings for PKP?
    12" red stripe w/ white "PKP"
  35. What is the purpose of the foul line? What color is it?
    • Separates the landing area from the rest if the flight deck
    • Alternating red and white
  36. What is the purpose of the catapult shot line? What color is it?
    • Marks the distance to stay back when launching off a catapult
    • Alternating red and white for the bow
    • Yellow for the waist
  37. How many sets of flight deck status lights do we have?
  38. What are the 7 parts of a flight deck uniform?
    • Flight deck boots
    • Trousers
    • Float coat
    • Jersey
    • Gloves
    • Goggles
    • Cranial
  39. What does FOD stand for?
    Foreign object debris/damage
  40. What kind of arresting gear engines do we have?
    MK7 hydro pneumatic arresting engines with ARC incorporated
  41. What does a flashing blue beacon mean?
  42. What are the four modes of ACLS?
    • 1A
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
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