1. What 6 areas comprise Naval Doctrine? (COWLIP)
    • Command/control
    • Operation
    • Warfare
    • Logistics
    • Intelligence
    • Planning
  2. What was the 1st ship named after an enlisted man?
    USS Osmand Ingram
  3. What 3 classes of ships existed at the formation of the US Navy?
    • Ships of the line
    • Frigates
    • Sloops of war
  4. Why was the battle of coral sea important?
    1st carrier to carrier battle
  5. What was important about the battle of midway?
    Turning point of the war in the pacific
  6. Who is the MCPON?
    MCPON Stevens
  7. Who is the SECDEF?
    Leon Panetta
  8. Who is the SECNAV?
    Ray Mabus
  9. Who is the CNO?
    ADM Greenert
  10. How many personnel are needed to justify a CMC?
  11. What does SORN stand for?
    Standard organization and regulations of the navy
  12. How many types of discharges are there and what are they?
    • 5
    • Honorable
    • Dishonorable
    • General
    • Other then honorable
    • Bad conduct
  13. What is and EDVR and how many sections does it have?
    • Enlisted distribution verification report
    • 12 sections
  14. What data can be found on a page 2?
    Emergency and next of kin
  15. What data can be found on a page 4?
    Qualifications and awards
  16. What data can be found on a page-13?
    Administrative remarks
  17. What fleet does Nimitz belong to?
    3rd fleet
  18. How many fleets are there and where are they located?
    • 5 total
    • 2nd fleet - Norfolk
    • 3rd fleet - San Diego
    • 5th fleet - Bahrain
    • 6th fleet - Europe
    • 7th fleet - Japan
  19. What are the 3 levels of war?
    • Tactical
    • Operational
    • Strategic
  20. When is the Navy's bday?
    October 13th 1775
  21. What does ORM stand for?
    Operational risk management
  22. How many points do you receive for a good conduct medal?
    2 pts
  23. What is the burpers instruction on evals?
    BUPERSINST 1610.10C
  24. When does an E-4 receive their evaluation?
    JUN 15th
  25. How long can someone go without having an eval?
    15 months
  26. What is section 3 of the EDVR?
    Alpha listing of enlisted personnel
  27. Who receives a 21 gun salute?
    The President
  28. Who receives a 17 gun salute?
  29. What's happened during the battle of Guadalcanal?
    5 Sullivan's died
  30. What ship were the 5 Sullivan brothers on?
    USS Juno
  31. What was reinstated due to the 5 Sullivan brothers dying?
    Family separation
  32. Who is in charge of admin?
    The XO
  33. What does FTS stand for? Does that mean active or reserve?
    • Full time support
    • Reserve
  34. What is the difference between SORN and SORM?
    • SORN is navy
    • SORM is command
  35. Who is our command DAPA?
    HMC Cunningham
  36. What are 8 o'clock reports?
    • Spaces
    • AOR
  37. What is the command assessment team responsible for?
    Command climate
  38. How often can you receive a service stripe?
    Every 4 years
  39. How often can you receive a good conduct medal?
    Every 3 years
  40. How often does and E-6 take the E-7 test?
    Once and year in January
  41. Who is our Equal Opportunity Advisor?
    OSCS McCormick
  42. What are in 12 O'clock reports?
    • Boat report
    • Chronometer readings
    • Fuel
    • Oil
    • Water
    • Muster
    • Draft
    • Magazine temperature
  43. What does SORM stand for?
    Ships organization and regulations manual
  44. What was the reason for naming USS Osmand Ingram?
    First enlisted man to die in WWI
  45. Date: battle of coral sea
    7-8 May 1942
  46. Date: voyage of the great white fleet
    16 Dec 1907
  47. Date: battle of Normandy
    6 Jun 1944
  48. Date: battle of midway
    3-5 Jun 1942
  49. MCPONs job
    Senior enlisted advisor
  50. Who does the SECDEF work for?
    The president
  51. Who does the SECNAV work for?
  52. What is the CNOs job?
    Commands all operating forces of the US navy, including fleets, the fleet marine force, etc
  53. How many operational commands are there? Who?
    • 4
    • Atlantic
    • Pacific
    • Naval forces Europe
    • Military sealift command
  54. What is SSIC?
    Standard subject identification code
  55. Who was the first commander in chief?
    Esek Hopkins
  56. What does NR & R stand for and what is the mandatory related time for it?
    • Navy rights and responsibilities
    • 90 days
  57. Navy and marine corpse achievement medal colors?
    Green and oranger
  58. Good conduct ribbon color?
  59. 2nd navy achievement medal device and color?
    Gold star
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