WW|| Notes

  1. Emperor Hirohito was leader of Japan, but real power was held by who?
    Real power in Japan was held by military led by Prime minister General Hideki Tojo.
  2. Why did Japan need to expand its territory?
    Japan needed to expand its territory to support growing population and gain natural resources.
  3. Who was the Italian leader?
    Benito Mussolini was the Italian leader.
  4. In 1936 what countries came together to form the Axis Powers?
    Japan, Italy and Germany came together to form the Axis Powers.
  5. What was Lebensraum?
    Lebensraum is when Germany began a policy of expanding its boarders claiming it needed living space.
  6. Who did Germany annex during Lebensraum?
    German troops moved into Rhineland, then annexed Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland.
  7. What happened after Germany invades Poland?
    After Germany invades Poland Great Britain and France declare war on Germany starting WW||
  8. What was the Munich Conference?
    This was a conference held between Germany, Italy, Britain, and France to discus German aggression on Czechoslovakia.
  9. What happened when Germany offers to stop further aggression in return for Sudetenland territory of Czechoslovakia?
    Britain and France creat an appeasement with Germany and become alliance with Poland.
  10. What was the German / Soviet Union non aggression pact?
    Germany(Hitler) and Soviet Union (Stalin) Sign a pact agreeing to peaceful relations.
  11. What did Hitler and Stalin agree to in secrete when signing the non aggression pact?
    They secretly agreed to invade and divide Poland.
  12. Why did Hitler want peaceful relations with Soviet Union?
    He wanted to avoid fighting the war on two fronts.
  13. Who were the Allies in WW||?
    Allies: United States, Great Britain, and Soviet Union
  14. Who were the Axis Powers?
    Axis Powers: Germany, Japan, and Italy
  15. When did America join the war?
    • 1941 (pearl harbor)
    • ended 1945 (atom bomb dropped on Nagasaki)
  16. What is Blitzkrieg?
    • This was a war tactic used by Germany against Poland, France and Soviet Union
    • (airplane bombing of front lines, followed by tank attack with troops moved by trucks)
  17. After Germany attacked France from the north through Belgium using blitzkrieg tactic how long did they battle?
    France surrendered after 36 days of fighting
  18. What was the battle of Britain?
    Germany launched air assault by the Luftwaffe on Britain lasting six months trying to weaken their British air force to prepare for a German land invasion (operation sea lion)
  19. What prompted Soviet Union to join the Allies?
    Germany invaded Soviet Union breaking the non aggression pact
  20. Why did Germany invade Soviet Union?
    To secure land and wanted to us Soviet people as slaves to export crops and oil to Germany
  21. How did America react to the war in Europe?
    U.S. (Franklin Roosevelt) remained neutral during the beginning of the war. America did pass a lend-lease act to help Britain and later Soviet Union by sending supplies without any payment in return.
  22. What led to the attack on Pearl Harbor?
    U.S. protests Japanese troops moving into Indochina and cut off trade with Japan because they were afraid Japan would take American territories of Philippines and Guam
  23. What happened on the dates December 7th , December 8th and December 11th?
    • 7th : the attack on pearl harbor
    • 8th Japan declares war on United States
    • 11th Germany and Italy declare war on U.S.
  24. What was the battle of Midway?
    American fleet of three aircraft led by Admiral Chester Nimitz deployed to protect Midway Island. Japan and U.S. attacked each other off of the island, Japan lost all four planes U.S. lost only one.
  25. What was the strategy of island hopping and who came up with it?
    • Douglas MacArthur was U.S. Supreme Commander in the pacific who came up with island hopping.
    • the goal of this was to get close to Japan for a land attack.
  26. What was the Casablanca Conference?
    When Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met in January 1943 to plan strategy for fighting WW||
  27. At the Casablanca Conference what was decided at the priority?
    The priority was to invade Europe and defeating Germany before trying to defeat Japan in the Pacific
  28. What was the battle of Stalingrad?
    • This was the turning point in that war on the eastern front
    • Germany was unprepared for sub 0 weather Russia defeats German army.
  29. What was D-Day?
    • D-Day was when allies attacked Normandy, France against the Germans
    • led by Dwight D. Eisenhower
    • after three months of fighting Germans were pushed back into Germany August 1944 France was liberated
  30. What was the Battle of the Bulge?
    • German troops attacked Allies in December 1944
    • this was the turning point of the war on the western front
    • May 8, 1945 Germany surrendered ending WW||
  31. Who was the leader of Germany?
  32. Who was the leader of Italy ?
    Benito Mussolini
  33. Who was the leader of Japan?
    • Emperor Hirohito
    • Prime minister General Hideki Tojo
  34. Who was the leader of the united states?
    • Franklin Roosevelt
    • Harry S. Truman
  35. Who was the leader of Great Britain?
    Winston Churchill
  36. Who was the leader of Soviet Union?
    Joseph Stalin
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