granite city

  1. What are the hours mon-thurs?
    • 11am-midnight
    • full menu-10 pm
    • appetizers/pizza-11
    • drinks-midnight
  2. What are friday and sat. hours?
    • 11am-1am
    • full menu until 11
    • appetizers/pizza until midnight
    • drinks until 1
  3. What are sunday hours?
    • 9am-10pm
    • full menu until 9pm
    • drinks until 10pm
  4. when is brunch served?
  5. When is the lunch menu served?
    mon-sat. 11am-4pm
  6. asian glazed shrimp
    8 jumbo shrimp lightly dusted with flour for a crispy exterior then tossed in a granite city signature spicy oriental glaze. accompanied with a side of asian greens, a sesame cucumber and tomato relish, and a drizzle of wasabi cream
  7. buffalo shrimp
    8 jumbo shrimp lightly dusted with flour for a crispy exterior then tossed in our spicy buffalo sauce. served on a layer of bleu cheese dressing with crisp celery sticks and garnished with green onions.
  8. spinach and artichoke dip
    chopped fresh spinach, green onions, garlic, spices and artichoke hearts tossed with parmesan cheese. served warm under melted mozzarella cheese with toasted ciabatta bread and focaccia bread
  9. idaho nachos
    waffle frieds with melted co-jack cheese, bacon bits, diced tomatoes, and sour cream and green onions
  10. pretzels with northern light cheese sauce
    5 large, soft pretzels topped with kosher salt and served with our warm, homemade northern light cheese sauce for dipping
  11. vodka mussels
    mussels sauteed and steamed with garlic and our special vodka sauce. served with grilled sourdough, more vodka sauce, and fresh basil. 16-20 mussels. about a pound
  12. boneless wings
    12 wings. crispy friend chicken wings tossed with our spicy buffalo sauce and served with creamy bleu cheese dressing and celery sticks. available sticky style or nuclear style
  13. buffalo chicken wings
    12 wings. crispy fried chicken wings tossed in oru special buffalo sauce. served with celery sticks and a ramekin of bleu cheese dressing
  14. asian glazed shrimp mini tacos
    shrimp tossed in a signature spicy oriental glaze, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, and cilantro. finished with a santa fe cream sauce and served on three 4'' tortillas.
  15. korean mini tacos
    thinly shaved pork grilled and coated in a spicy sweet korean sauce. served on three 4'' tortillas and romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, red pepper, and sesame seeds
  16. pepperjack chicken mini tacos
    shredded lettuce and pico de gallo topped with our signature pepperjack chicken. finished with santa fe cream sauce and chopped cilantro
  17. prosciutto olive flatbread
    a thin crispy crust brushed with a seasoned blend of roasted garlic and olives. topped with provolone cheese and proscuitto. finished with a mist of garlic infused olive oil, julienne fresh basil, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses.
  18. tomato basil flatbread
    a thing crispy crust brushed with a freshly made marinara sauce, roasted garlic, and basil pesto. topped with sliced roma tomatoes, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses. finished with julienne fresh basil.
  19. bbq chicken flatbread
    a thin crispy crust brushed with bbq sauce, topped with diced bbq chick breast and sweet red onion. finished with cilantro, chedder, and monterery jack cheeses
  20. pepper bacon and tomato flatbread
    a thin crispy crust brushed with roasted garlic aioli. topped with maple pepper bacon, sliced roma tomatoes, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses. finished with julienne fresh basil, and more cheese
  21. classic pepperoni flatbread
    a thin crispy crust brushed with freshly made marinara sauce. topped with sliced pepperoni, julienne fresh basil, and more mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses
  22. ale and chedder soup
    creamy cheddar cheese soup simmered with our granite city beer and garnished with toasted rye croutons
  23. baked french onion soup
    caramelized onions in a rich beef and wine stock. topped with toasted croutons and smothered under melted provolone cheese.
  24. soup du jour
    • mon-broccoli chedder
    • tues-turkey wild rice almandine
    • wed-cream of potato bacon
    • thurs-cheesy chicken tortilla
    • fri-new england clam chowder
    • sat-cream of tomato basil
    • sun-no soup du jour
  25. dinner salad
    iceberg, spring greens, romaine lettuce with shredded carrot, shredded cabbage, tomato, cucumber, hard boiled egg and seasoned croutons. dressing of choice
  26. grilled asian chicken salad
    fresh chicken breast marinated in pineapple juice, sherry and soy sauce; charboiled and sliced thin. tossed with shredded iceberg lettuce, cilantro, shredded cabbage, shredded carrots, green onions, sliced cucumber, sweet red pepper, and crispy wonton strips in sesame lime dressing. topped with szechwan peanut sauce.
  27. chopped salad with chicken
    fresh shredded lettuce is tossed with diced tomatoes, fresh avacados, banana peppers, parmesan cheese and chopped bacon; then we add marinated italian chicken and italian vinaigrette, more cheese and bacon and top it with green onions
  28. greek salad
    fresh romaine and spring greens mixed with tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, and chick peas tossed in italian dressing and topped with feta cheese.
  29. grilled chicken and bruschetta salad
    toasted caesar bruschette surrounds a mix of greens and chopped romaine tossed in balsamic vinaigrette with grilled chicken breast, sliced ripe olives, and crumbled bleu cheese. finished with marinated bruschetta tomatoes and onions, and a sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese
  30. caesar salad
    a generous portion of chopped romaine lettuce coated in our caesar dressing then tossed with croutons and freshly grated parmesan cheese. enough for two to share as a starter salad
  31. salmon caesar salad
    an atlantic salmon filet dusted with cajun seasonings and pan seared. served atop a blend of chopped romaine lettuce tossed in our creamy caesar dressing with grated parmesan cheese and croutons.
  32. honey rosemary steak salad
    8 oz. of freshly marinated beef tenderloin tossed in balsamic dressing with spring greens, tomato onion relish, focaccia croutons and creaming bleu cheese crumbles.
  33. dressing choices
    • ranch
    • bleu cheese
    • 1000 island
    • french
    • sesame lime
    • balsamic vinaigrette
    • caesar
    • vinegar and oil
    • szechwan peanut
    • italian vinaigrette
    • fat free italian vinaigrette
  34. dinner salad or small caesar add on
  35. cup of soup ad on
  36. cheeseburger
    a half-pound of lean ground beef seasoned and charbroiled to order. topped with melted cheese. served on a grilled 4" olive oil bun.
  37. What sides can they get with a burger?
    • french fries
    • mashed potatoes
    • potato chips
    • broccoli
    • coleslaw
  38. bleu peppercorn burger
    half-pound patty seasoned with cracked black peppercorns then charbroiled to order. topped with creamy bleu cheese dressing, melted chedder cheese, smokehouse bacon and crispy onion strings. served on a 4" olive oil bun
  39. napa valley burger
    half-pound seasoned hamburger patty grilled to perfection and served on grilled focaccia bread with balsamic tossed spring greens and hand sliced sundried tomatoes. topped with fresh sliced mozzarella cheese, pan crisped prosiutto ham and our signature avacado spread
  40. turkey burger
    our signature mixture of lean ground turkey, minced red peppers, green onions, and seasonings. seared and cooked to perfection, served with sliced tomato, leaf lettuce, and red onion. served with a side of our handmade coleslaw. served on a grilled 4" olive oil bun.
  41. bedda chedda bacon burger
    a half-pound of lean ground beef seasoned and carbroiled to order. topped with BBQ sauce, shredded cheddar cheese and crispy smokehouse bacon. served on a grilled 4" olive oil bun.
  42. available cheeses
    american, cheddar, swiss, mozzarella, provolone, monterery jack or pepper jack.
  43. temperatures of burgers/ steaks
    • rare-cool red center
    • medium rare- warm red center
    • medium- warm pink center
    • medium well- cooked through with just a touch of hot pink center
    • well done- cooked all the way through
  44. blackened chicken linguini
    charbroiled cajun chicken breast served over linguini tossed in creamy parmesan sauce. then finished with diced tomatoes, bearnaise sauce and green onions.
  45. adult mac n chese
    a creamy mixture of alfredo sauce, pepper jack and cheddar cheeses lightly seasoned and simmered with our brother benedict mai bock beer. finished with chicken, red pepper flakes and toasted breadcrumbs, rigatoni noodles
  46. linguine with grilled chicken and asparagus
    charbroiled chicken breast and prosciutto ham sauteed with chopped garlic, asparagus, sundried tomatoes, oregano, and fennel. tossed with fresh linguine and topped with grated parmesan cheese, fresh basil, and toasted pine nuts.
  47. cajun pasta
    succulent shrimp and italian sausage sauteed in olive oil with red onions, red peppers and green peppers. then simmered in our creamy parmesan cheese sauce with a hint of bourbon and finished with cajun seasonings, diced tomatoes, and crushed red peppers and fresh pasta. linguini noodles
  48. tortellini with chicken in creamy tomato pesto
    chicken tenderloins sauteed in olive oil. then simmered with sun dried tomato pesto and our creamy alfredo sauce tossed with cheese filled tortellini. also available with our marinara and cream reduction blended sauce.
  49. pasta alfredo with chicken
    chicken tenderloins sauteed in olive oil. simmered in creamy alfredo sauce tossed with linguini noodles
  50. linguini pomodoro
    gc's signature tomato sauce tossed in linguini, fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese.
  51. baked option cheeses
    ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella, monterery jack cheese
  52. side items
    • steamed broccoli
    • sateed asparagus
    • mashed garlic red potatoes
    • loaded mashed garlic red potatoes
    • side mac and cheese
    • side fruit
    • loaf of bread
  53. monterary chicken wrap
    warm large wheat tortilla folded around assorted spring greens, diced plum tomato, shredded monterery jack cheese, ranch dressing, and julienne grilled chicken breast
  54. the overlake
    sliced smokehouse bacon, sliced tomato and smoked turkey with monterery jack cheese. served on grilled whole wheat bread with roasted garlic mayonnaise.
  55. roasted prime rib sandwich
    slow roasted roast beef sliced thin and topped with sauteed onions, red and green bell peppers, and mozzarella cheese. served on grilled hearth loaf bread with garlic mayonnaise. accompanied with beef au jus for dipping
  56. crispy buffalo chicken wrap
    chicken tenders lightly breaded and friend crispy, jjulienned and tossed in our special buffalo sauce then wrapped in a warm flour tortilla with diced tomatoes, shredded iceberg lettuce, creamy bleu cheese dressing, and diced celery
  57. buffalo chicken sandwich
    buffalo marinated chicken breast charbroiled and basted with buffalo sauce. served on a grilled 4" olive oil bun with shredded lettuce and a ramekin of bleu cheese dressing
  58. GC cuban sandwich
    our version of a miami classic. seasoned pork loin slicd thin with smoked turkey topped with melted swiss cheese. all served on grilled ciabatta bread with garlic aioli. yellow mustard, and dill pickles
  59. Granite City Reuben
    a half pound of thinly shaved corned beef and pastrami layered with a fresh shredded cabbage slaw and 1000 island dressing. served on thick slices of grilled rye bread topped with melted swiss cheese and a dijon aioli.
  60. spinach and artichoke chicken sandwich
    a boneless chicken breast seasoned and charbroiled; then topped with our creamy spinach and artichoke dip and melted provolone cheese. served on grilled whole wheat breat with lettuce and tomato.
  61. grilled chicken sandwich
    a boneless chicken breast seasoned and charbroiled. served on a grilled 4" olive oil bun with lettuce and tomato.
  62. granite city meatloaf
    a thick slice of home-style meatloaf charbroiled and served open faced on grilled ciabatta bread. smothered under bourbon onion sauce and accompanied with garlic mashed potatoes, and crispy onion strings.
  63. grilled salmon oscar
    filet of atlantic salmon charbroiled and topped with steamed asparagus spears, lump crab meat and hollandaise sauce. served on a bed of wild rice pilaf with fresh steamed broccoli.
  64. grilled garlic butter sirloin
    10 oz. of USDA sirloin steak marinated in garlic and butter charbroiled to perfection. set on a bed of crispy onion strings and served with our famous garlic mashed potatoes
  65. ribeye dinner
    14 oz. ribeye steak char broiled to order. served with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh steamed broccoli. served with compound (garlic) butter on top.
  66. choice filet
    8 oz. filet charbroiled to order. served with reggiano hashbrowns and asparagus spears
  67. honey rosemary filet
    8 oz. center-cut tenderloin marinated in honey, sory sauce, garlic, olive oil and fresh rosemary. served with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh broccoli.
  68. GC steakhouse classic new york strip
    a 14 oz. cut of midwestern raised USDA choice NY strip. Aged over 21 days brushed with olive oil, seasoned and grilled to perfection. set on a bed of crispy onion strings. accompanied with reggiano potatoes and steamed fresh broccoli.
  69. grilled BBQ bone in pork chops
    two center-cut 7 oz. bone in pork chops seasoned then charbroiled and basted with bourbon BBQ sauce. accompanied with garlic mashed potatoes and coleslaw
  70. stuffed pork chops
    two 3 ounce pork chops stuffed with crab, pepperjack cheese, green onions, red peppers, tomatoes, parsley and garlic. served over our signature creole sauce with roasted potatoes. garnished with green onions and red peppers
  71. GC steakhouse classic CAB top sirloin grilled
    a 10 oz cut of midwestern raised certified angus beef top sirloin. aged over 21 days brushed with olive oil, seasoned and grilled to perfection. accompanied with mashed potatoes and steamed fresh broccoli.
  72. Cranite City Walleye Dinner
    Canadian fresh water walleye filet lightly breaded and golden friend. served with coleslaw and your choice of waffle fries or mashed garlic red potatoes.
  73. grilled london broil with bourbon sauce
    12 oz. of specially marinated London broil charbroiled to order. served on a bed of crispy fried onion strings with a carmalized onion and bourbon sauce and your choice of garlic mashed potatoes or waffle fries.
  74. korean tacos
    thinly shaved pork grilled and coated in a spicy sweet korean inspired taco sauce. served inside a flour tortilla and romaine lettuce, onions and shredded carrots. accompanied with a refreshing cucumber salad mix and accented with sesame oil.
  75. shrimp tacos trio
    succulent shrimp lightly dusted with flour and golden friend for a crispy exterior tossed in Granite City's signature oriental glaze. served in flour tortillas with shredded iceberg lettuce. pico de gallo, scallions and cilantro. finished with sante fe cream sauce.
  76. chicken marsala
    7 oz. chicken breast sauteed in golden brown in a sweet marsala and demi glaze. placed on top of garlic mashed potatoes and roasted portabella and button mushrooms
  77. mediterranean chicken
    half-pound seasoned chicken breast charbroiled to perfection. served with wild rice pilaf and fresh steamed broccoli, finished with marinated bruschetta tomatoes, onions and drizzled with balsamic reduction. Can substitute white rice.
  78. island tuna
    filet of tuna in a special pineapple teriyaki marinade charbroiled and served on a bed of wild rice pilaf. finished with a fresh pineapple citrus salsa and steamed broccoli.
  79. simply grilled salmon
    filet of salmon charbroiled served with wild rice and sauteed asparagus
  80. What salads are on the lunch menu
    • -chopped salad with chicken with soup
    • -grilled asian chicken salad with soup
    • -bruschetta salad with soup
    • -chicken salad on herb focaccia with a cup of soup or salad
  81. What sandwiches are on the lunch menu?
    • -the overlake with a soup/or salad
    • -roasted prime rib with a cup of soup or salad
  82. What pastas are on the luncheon menu?
    • -luncheon blackened chicken linguini
    • -luncheon pasta alfredo
    • -luncheon tortellini with chicken
    • -
  83. What burgers are on the luncheon burger
    • -baby bleu peppercorn
    • -baby bedda chedda
    • -baby napa valley
  84. Santa fe turkey melt
    we start with a grilled honey wheat tortilla then add piles of sliced turkey, monterery jack cheese, and shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and top it all with santa fe cream
  85. crispy shrimp tacos
    succulent shrimp lightly dusted with flour and golden fried for a crispy exterior, tossed in a granite city signature spicy oriental glaze. served in flour tortillas with shredded lettuce. pico de gallo, scallions, and cilantro. finished with a santa fe cream sauce
  86. kids menu
    • crispy chicken strips
    • children's pasta
    • mini corn dogs
    • kids burger
    • kraft mac and cheese
    • kids grilled cheese
    • kids grilled chicken
  87. what comes with kids menu
    carrots and ranch (appetizers) drink
  88. caramel apple crumble
    a tender puff pastry crust with a warm apple filling and a crunchy brown sugar crumble topping. drizzled with warm caramel sauce and finished with vanilla ice cream, and our freshly made whipped cream
  89. deep dish chocolate chip cookie
    baked from scratch enormous granite city toffee almond chocolate chip cookie served fresh from the oven topped with ice cream caramel.
  90. chocolate cake
    a chocolate lovers dream. layer upon layer of moist chocolate cake and silky chocolate frosting. served with a whiskey butter sauce and our freshly whipped cream.
  91. key lime pie
    true key lim pie, topped with granola and toasted coconuts. served with whip cream.
  92. turtle sundae
    three scoops of rich, vanilla ice cream with chocolate and caramel. topped with real whipped cream, chopped nuts and maraschino cherries.
  93. stout float
    fresh vanilla ice cream surrounded by our broad axe stout.
  94. kids ice cream and oreo pieces
    vanilla ice cream with oreo cookie topping.
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