Exam 1 - Chapter 2 - Biblical Basis for Apologetics

  1. Apologetics
    The ancient and ongoing discipline of defending and advocating Christian theism
  2. Worldview
    The complex of concepts that explain and give meaning to reality from where a person stands, given his ancestries, histories, tuitions and religions.
  3. Christian Pluralism
    Christianity cannot be the only way, given so many religions
  4. Richard Dawkins
    Apologist for atheistic Darwinism
  5. apologia  
    “defense” or“vindication” 
  6. What does apologetics invoke: 
    Both rational legitimacy and emotional appeal
  7. Philosophy         
    The investigation of significant truth claims through rational analysis. 
  8. Proselytizing              
    The exercise of untoward or unethical influence on a person
  9. Their conversions wrought through rational arguments:
    • John Warwick Montgomery 
    • and C S Lewis
  10. Isaiah 1:18           
    "come now, let us reason together"
  11. The foundation of apologetics is 
    the very character of God
  12. Israel was given two rational tests for the prophets:
    • 1. If they deny the religion 
    • 2. If their predictions did not come to pass
  13. Three biblical characters who used apologetics:
    • Jesus - Saducees - woman with 7 husbands
    • Peter - Ready to give an answer to every man with meakness and fear
    • Paul - Epicurians and Stoics - finding common ground - Greek poets
  14. Three steps in apologetics
    • Establish common ground with audience
    • Distinguish Christian worldview from other philosophies
    • Call unbelievers to respond rightly to the truth of Jesus Christ
  15. Cardinal virtue of the apologist
    • Humility
    • Animated by the virtues of love
  16. The apologist should pray for:
    • Wisdom
    • Right Words
    • The Audience
  17. The goal of Apologetics
    Christian Conversion and Intellectual Confidence
  18. Biblically understood conversion
    A radical turn away from sin, selfishness and Satan and a turn to God and His kingdom
  19. Conversion is necessarily...
  20. "notitia"
    The understanding of what the gospel requires of a persona and on what basis it requires it.
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