Urology, Nephrology

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  1. Genitourinary System
    Reproductive and Urinary Systems of males
  2. balan/o
    Glans penis, enlarged tip of the penis
  3. cyst/o
    Urinary bladder, muscular organ that stores urin.
  4. epididym/o
    epididymis, sits on the surface of each testis, stores sperm
  5. lith/o
    Stone, formed from organic or inorganic salts
  6. nephr/o
  7. Orchid/o
    Testes, produces sperm and testosterone.
  8. Orchi/o
    Combing form for Testes
  9. Orch/o
    Combing form for Testes
  10. -ostomy
    to create a surgical opening
  11. Stoma
    New opening on the surface of the body
  12. Prostat/o
    Prostate Gland, secretes milky fluid that makes up much of the liquid portion of semen, serves to nourish sperm
  13. Pyel/o
    Renal Pelvis, area inside kidney where urine collects as it is being made.
  14. Ren/o
  15. Semin/i
    Semen, fluid ejaculated from penis, contains sperm and fluids.
  16. Spermat/o
    Sperm, male reproductive cells, contain one-half of chromosones.
  17. Sperm/o
    Combining form for Sperm
  18. Testicul/o
  19. Ureter/o
    Ureter, tube leading away from renal pelvis, caries urine from kidney to urinary bladder.
  20. Urethr/o
    Urethra, leads out of bladder and carries urine to outside of body.
  21. -uria
    indicates something found in Urine, or assoiciated with urnine.
  22. Urin/o
    Urine, produced by nephrons of each kidney as they filter wastes, water, and dissolved substances from blood.
  23. Ur/o
  24. Vas/o
    Vas deferens, long tube that carries sperm from epididymis to urethra, reporductive glands adds fluids
  25. Vesicul/o
    Seminal vesicles, male reproductive glands behind bladder.  Adds fluids to sperm as they pass vas deferens.
  26. Albuminuria
    Albumin (protein) in the Urine
  27. Anuria
    Without urine
  28. Aspermia
    State (condition) of no Sperm
  29. Calculus
    Stone, formed from mineral salts, mostly found in kidney, renal pelvis, bladder, etc
  30. Chlamydia
    Bacterial STD, causes inflammation of urethra of males with purulent discharge.
  31. Circumcision
    Surgical removal of foreskin
  32. Cystitis
    Bladder inflammation
  33. Cystocele
    hernia, protrusion of bladder
  34. Cystoscopy
    Process of viewing bladder
  35. Dysuria
    abnormal urination
  36. Epididymitis
    Inflammation of Epididymis (sits on the surface of each testis)
  37. Enuresis
    Involuntary discharge of urine.
  38. Frequency
    Feeling the urge to urinate more often than normal, but without increase in volume.
  39. Genital Herpes
    Highly infectious viral STD, blisterlike lesions
  40. Glycosuria
    Sugar in Urine
  41. Gonorrhea
    Bacterial STD, infects mucous membranes.
  42. Hematuria
    Blood in urine
  43. Hesitancy
    State of difficult initiating flow of urine.
  44. Hydrocele
    Accumulation of fluid within scrotum
  45. Lithotripsy
    Surgical crushing of stones
  46. Nephrolithiasis
    abnormal conidition of Kidney stones
  47. Nephrologist
    Specialist, one who studies the kidney(s).
  48. Nephrology
    Study of the kidney(s)
  49. Nephromegaly
    Swelling or enlargement of the kidney(s).
  50. Nephroptosis
    Drooping of kidney
  51. Nephropexy
    Surgical fixation of the kidneys
  52. Nocturia
    Excessive urination at night
  53. Oligospermia
    State of scanty or low sperm count
  54. Oliguria
    Scanty volume of urine
  55. Orchidectomy
    Surgical removal of testes
  56. Orchialgia
    Pain in the testes
  57. Orchitis
    Inflammation of testes
  58. Cyrptorchism (or Cryptorchidism)
    Hidden (or undescended) testicle
  59. Polyuria
    Too much urine
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