#3 Planning Feb 13

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  1. When did municipal reform begin
  2. What was the Graham Royal Commission?
    1971-1974 - recommended consolidation of NS municipalities - 3 metropolitan counties --> Halifax, Cape Breton, and Pictou
  3. What happened during the municpal reform of the 1990s
    435 to 278 municipalites in NLHRM, CBRM and Queens in NSCharlottetwon amalgamated in PEI
  4. What Province has the largest population
    Nova Scotia
  5. What province has the highest density
  6. What Province has the greatest area
    Newfoundland and Labrador
  7. What province has the highest population per unit (Atlantic Canada)
    Nova Scotia
  8. What and when was the first planning act
    1915 Town Planning Act
  9. How does PEI prevent province ownership
    Can't own more than 1000 acres if you're a person3000 acres if you're a corporation
  10. Last piece of planning legislation
    1999 Municipal Government Act
  11. What is Park Dedication
    • A provincially legislated step in the Subdivision Application
    • Process to secure 10% land/or resources for public recreation
    • Can impact municipal service levels at the local neighbourhood level through to a regional level
    • Results in the majority of HRM's park inventory
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