psychology 7

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  1. Creating an EffectiveTeam Climate
    • •Social support: Mutual respect and support enhance team climate.
    • •Social support provides appraisal information, reassurance, and cooperation. It reduces uncertainty in times of stress, aids in mental and physical recovery, and improves communication.
  2. Creating an EffectiveTeam Climate
    • •Proximity: Closer contact between members promotes team interaction.
    • •Distinctiveness: The more distinctive the group feels, the better the climate
    • .•Fairness—or a lack of it—can bring a group closer together.
    • •Greater similarity = closer climate.
  3. Functions of SocialSupport
    • •Provides appraisal, information, reassurance, and companionship
    • •Reduces uncertainty during times of stress
    • •Aids in mental and physical recovery
    • •Improves communication
  4. Seven Types of SocialSupport
    • •Listening support
    • •Emotional support
    • •Emotional-challenge support
    • •Reality-confirmation
    • support
    • •Task-appreciation support
    • •Task-challenge support
    • •Personal-assistance support
  5. Individual and TeamPerformance in Sport
    • •While individual ability is important, the individual abilities of team members alone are not good predictors of how a team will perform.
    • •Steiner’s model–Actual productivity = potential productivity: LossesĀ  are due to faulty group processes.–Losses result from motivation and coordination.
  6. Implications of steiner's model
    • role of the coach
    • –Increase relevant resources (through training, instruction, and recruiting).
    • –Reduce process losses (through enhancing cohesion and emphasizing individual contributions to the team).
  7. Ringelmann Effect and Social Loafing
    • •Ringelmann effect is the phenomenon by which individual performance decreases as the number of people in the group increases
    • •Social loafing is when individuals within a group or team put forth less than 100% effort due to loss of motivation.
  8. Conditions that IncreaseSocial Loafing
    • •An individual’s output cannot be independently evaluated.
    • •The task is perceived to be low in meaningfulness.
    • •An individual’s personal involvement in the task is low.
    • •A comparison against group standards is not possible.•Other individuals contributing to the collective effort are strangers.
    • •Teammates or coworkers are seen as high in ability.
    • •Individual team members perceive their contribution to the outcome as redundant.The individual is competing against what he or she believes to be a weaker opponent
  9. Eliminating SocialLoafing
    • •Emphasize the importance of individual pride and unique contributions.
    • •Increase identifiability of individual performances.
    • •Determine specific situations in which social loafing occurs.
  10. Applying Work TeamPrinciples to Sport Teams
    • •Pre-performance briefing
    • •Cross-training
    • •Communication training
    • •Training
    • for adaptability
    • •Team self-correction
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