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  1. Cholecystitis
    Inflammation of the gall bladder
  2. Dermatitis
    Inflammation of the skin
  3. Delivery
    The act of giving birth to a child
  4. Diagnosis
    • The doctor's decision as to the exact nature of his patient's illness. May involve 4 features:
    • History (how the illness developed)
    • Symptoms (what pt feels and notices)
    • Signs (what doctor finds on examination)
    • Investigations or results of special tests (X-ray, bloodtest)
  5. Embryo
    The developing baby in the womb from the inception of pregnancy until the beginning of the third month
  6. Epigastrium
    The upper part of the abdomen
  7. Fever
    Body temperature raised above the normal range
  8. Foetus
    The developing baby in the womb from the beginning of the third month of pregnancy until birth
  9. Fringe medicine
    A term to describe methods of treatment like acupuncture, herbalism, ostheopath, and the like
  10. Gastro-enterology
    The study of the function and diseases of the stomach and intestines
  11. Haematology
    The study of blood and its diseases
  12. Haemorrhoids
    Swollen veins at or near the anus
  13. Haemorrhage
    Heavy bleeding
  14. Hereditary
    This is said of a disease which is passed on from parent to child
  15. Hypertension
    High blood pressure, usually benign
  16. Insulin
    A hormone produced by the pancreas which makes the body use sugar in the blood for energy
  17. Ligament
    A tough fibrous band supporting and connecting the bones at a joint
  18. Mammography
    An X-ray examination of the breast
  19. Measles
    A virus infection with a rash
  20. Nausea
    A sensation of sickness, the sufferer feels an urge to vomit
  21. Neoplasm
    A "new growth", the medical name for tumour
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