Lab Test 4

  1. What do you measure for ted hose?
    • Heel to gluteal furrow
    • Heel to back of knee

    Seem goes on inside of thigh and away from skin
  2. What are Sequentials set at?
    35-45 mmHG
  3. Every litre of O2 equals how much of in increase in sPo2
  4. Which oxygen mask provides most accurate flow?

    Provides 24-55%
  5. How much does nasal canula deliver?  what the usual and max flow amounts?

    2L  and 6 L Max
  6. Which oxygen mask delivers the highest amount of o2?  Whats important to remember?
    • Non room air
    • 90-100%
    • 10-15L/min

    If you dont have bag inflated 2/3....CO2 Inhalation!!
  7. Simple oxygen mask provides how much o2?  how many litres/min
    • 40-60%
    • 8-10 litres
  8. When do you use a humidifier....
    with all masks....and nasal canula if above 3L/min
  9. What does pulse oximiter measure?
    • Sa02...arterial oxygen saturation
    • Ratio of oxygenated HGB to total HGB
  10. Normal pulse ox....

    • Adult = 95%
    • Elderly= 93-94%
  11. What do you use on irritated nares?
    Water soluable lube
  12. Hot and cold therapy are used to treat
    pain and inflammation
  13. RICE
    rest ice compress elevate
  14. What do you use on Geriatrics for moist hear?
    K pad
  15. How long do you do a cold compress for?
    20-30 min every 2 hours
  16. What is MOIST heat used for?
    Increase blood flow to a wound
  17. Whats in a CBC
    • RBC
    • WBC
    • Platelets
    • HGB
    • HCT
  18. Urinalysis assesses
    • gravity
    • color
    • quality
    • RBC
    • WBC
    • Protein
    • Glucose
  19. Details of urinalysis submission
    20 mLs minimum and to lab with in 1 hour of collection
  20. What can cause a false positive with a stool sample?
    If pt ate red meat
  21. What can throat and nasal swabbing induce...that's normal
    sneezing and vomitting
  22. When do you take a throat culture?
    1 Hour after food or liquid intake
  23. Wound cultures...aerobic vs. anaerobic
    Aerobic is found on edges of wound.

    anaerobic in middle of wound.

    Do Anaerobic first!!!!  MIDDLE
  24. What kind of stuff do you want to swab in a wound?
  25. RACE
    • rescue
    • alarm
    • contain
    • extinguish
  26. 4 S's of wound assessment
    • Site
    • Size
    • Shape
    • Stage
  27. Platelets....measures?
    Panic Value
    evaluate bleeding disorder

    panic value less than 20,000 microlitre
  28. Leukopenia...tells?

    Panic value?
    decrease in WBC indicating marrow depression from chemo, immunosuppression, VIRAL infections

    less than 500 micro litre
  29. What does Hgb assess?
    bloods ability to transport o2
  30. What does HCT assess?
    tells space occupied by RBC's
  31. What does ESR measure?
    Erythrocyte sedementation rate
    rate RBC's settle....when elevated you have inflammation
  32. What kind of tube do you not put meds thru? Why?
    J Tube....clogs it, too tiny
  33. Needles 101...
    • never recap a used needle
    • don gloves only during admin
    • hold used syring downward and take straight to sharps
  34. Only type of injection we aspirate prior to admin?
  35. Heparin donts...

    Insulin dont

    Where given?
    Heparin-pinch, aspirate, massage

    Insulin- massage

  36. Z track
    • IM-prime with 0.2 of air
    • Aspirate for blood
    • count to 10 before removing needle

  37. Ventrogluteal site
    • Great Trochanter
    • Anterior superior iliac spine
    • Iliac crest
  38. Vastus Lateralis
    • greater trochanger of femur
    • lateral femoral condyle
    • Drug
    • dose
    • documentation
    • time
    • route
    • allergy/approach
    • patient
  40. Med order requests need....
    • PT name
    • date ordered
    • name of med
    • dose
    • rte
    • frequency and or time
    • initiators signature
  41. 3 checks before med admin
    • before removing from drawer
    • before dispensing at bedside
    • before opening with patient
  42. What kinds of drugs dont I crush?
    Timed released and enteric coated....want absored in intestines, not stomach
  43. How do you crush multiple drugs?
    separately and dissolve each in a few mL's of water
  44. Before and after administering meds in a gtub what do I do?
    flush with 30-50mL's of warm water
  45. If meds need to be given by a certain time....what is my drop dead?
    30-60 min of that time
  46. Why would I hold Digoxin?
    K is at or above 2.0 and apical pulse is less than 60
  47. Why would I hold potassium?
    If above 5.5 mEq/dl
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